Friday, December 17, 2004

Home again, Home again

Well I got home last night. My flight got in to PA about 6:15 or so, a little earlier then expected. And the very first person I saw when I got over to where people can wait for you... JOEY!!! He actually came running over to me and I picked him up and he gave me a big hug. I was so worried He'd forget who I was like he had this summer at the beach. But he didn't. And the whole way home it was "Aunt Telley this" or "Aunt Telley that." He can't make the "K" yet so it comes out with a "T" sound. I got to Mom and Dad's and dinner was waiting for us all... spaghetti.

I called Dusty after dinner to let him know I got here OK and Joey wanted to talk on the phone, so Dusty got to talk to Joey. LOL We talked a while then he had to get back to work.

I was in bed about 11:00 and didn't get up til 10:12 this morning. It was SOOO nice to sleep in like that. After I got my shower and all, I went to get my rental car I booked for the weekend then headed to the mall. Much has happened up there since last Christmas. Lots of construction and new buildings going up. I was at the mall just a little while then came home. An hour or so later I went back up to the mall with Mom so we could do her Christmas shopping for Dad. And she picked up some stuff for my presents too since she didn't have anything for under the tree. The bulk of my gift is going to be money to put towards the new TV I bought.

It was really nice to be just me and Mom for a few hours, without anyone else along. So we were able to talk about all sorts of stuff and do some catching up and good mother/daughter quality time.

Tomorrow nothing much planned yet but to go to Joey's birthday party.

Well I'm off till tomorrow!


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