Sunday, April 03, 2005

California trip Wednesday and Thursday

Not as much to talk about these two days. We had the briefings for all of the committees all day long, for everyone to update on the status of their committees duties. I was SOOOO tired that morning. I got up Wednesday AM and was halfway through getting dressed when I decided I was just too exhausted. I guess the jet lag and time differences caught up to me. So I ended up going back to bed for an hour and went in to the conference about 45 minutes late. My boss busted me, but he's pretty good about some things and didn't say anything to me about it. He knows at these things we all skip some parts here and there. But that was all I skipped the whole week. I sat through all the briefings and then the other briefing topics once those were completed.

Wednesday night I went out with all my old coworkers, and my current ones, and a few friends for dinner. Since my birthday was two weeks ago, to the day as it turned out, some of them wanted to take me out. I'm a Hard Rock cafe junkie and go to them wherever I am that I can get to one. There is one in La Jolla, where we were staying so we went there for dinner. Nice big group too. Pam and Chris, who I work with now came, and Dennis from Hawaii came with us too. From the old office Michelle, Darlene, Spriggsy (Ray as most know him), Jeff, Diane who is new there and wasn't there when I worked there, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing some people too. Chris wasn't feeling well so he went home early, and Darlene and Spriggsy were tired so they left early, but the rest of us went to a local bar, Jose's after dinner. There we met up with several friends from other places... Lucy, Ingrid, Rob, and Ravi from New York. There were others there too I think but I forget who. LOL

Thursday was the last day there and I was beat by then, as I always am by the end of these trips. We had the rest of the committee briefings and then a few briefings on other things. We were having a colonel come in to talk in the afternoon but we finished everything up way early. For whatever reason, he would not do his talk early so we had like a 2 hour lunch and had to come back for his talk. I REALLY didn't want to, I wanted to go to the zoo, but I didn't feel right skipping since this is a pretty high guy in my work food chain. LOL So I went. And we did NOT finish early though we were told we'd finish early. I was seriously bummed because all I wanted was to go to the zoo since I've heard all about it and I never managed to get there.

Thursday night we met up at Happy Hour and then a bunch of us ended up going to a brewery restaurant down the road a couple miles. Thursday night we didn't do anything after dinner since we were all so tired. I packed up and then went to bed. I had a flight home at 8 AM Friday.


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