Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why do I have such bad luck with insurance companies?

OMG! I am royally ticked off with them! I got a letter in the mail a couple weekends ago saying that my car insurance settled on a claim from when I bumped one of my neighbor’s car back on Easter. Of course the letter didn't say what the settlement was so I called them, curious how much it ended up costing. THEY TOLD ME IT COST $997!!!! I'm sorry but no way did I do that much damage to that car! I saw the dang thing right after it happened and it was very minor, so minor that we both figured a couple hundred bucks tops. And even that was a stretch in my opinion.
She didn’t even want me to file an insurance claim since it was minor. But I pushed the issue because I thought this woman was such a nice lady, one of those folks who would do anything for anyone, even give the shirt off her back if it would help. I never would have mentioned paying it myself if I had any reason to believe looking at it that it would cost that much!
The claims adjustor I talked to started saying something about a headlight being damaged etc etc. That’s crap! The part of the car I damaged was not even close to the headlight! It wasn't even close to the freaking mirror I was going to pay for part of, since she insisted it wasn't worth fixing the dent because it was so minor, but said her mirror had been broken a while and in need of fixing. The scratch on my car was barely there and only a couple inches long, able to be buffed off if I cared to put the effort into doing that, which I didn't. I was going MAYBE 5 MPH because I was backing out of a parking spot, in a lot where there are kids all over the place since I'm 30 feet from the swimming pool.
I told the insurance agent I wanted to see a copy of the claims paperwork and the photos. She also wanted to look at the photos again. But gee, go figure, she didn't have a copy of them. Apparently whoever it was that actually went out and performed the estimate forgot to send the photos with the estimate. I actually feel bad for the woman I was on the phone with because I was practically screaming at her and it's not her fault at all. And I went on to see that the minimal damage to my car does not match up to the amount of damage that they claimed I did to her car. I think the fact I was so livid over the settlement now has the agent I talked to questioning what happened. I mean, nothing is going to affect how much I have to pay. They charge me the same amount no matter how much the claim is for. And they already paid out the money so it's not like they can get it back now. But I think the fact that I was so flipping mad, even knowing, and telling the agent I know none of this is going to change what I have to pay on my policy, even if they do determine there was something funny here, had the agent really questioning the validity of the estimate. Not that I can prove anything now. Too much time has passed
Never ever in a million years would I have pegged this woman for one who would take advantage of an insurance company. She's so incredibly nice to EVERYone and bends over backwards to help people when they need it, no matter who they are and what they need. And yet she'd turn around and commit what amounts to insurance fraud?!? I've seen her with so many others and I just can't equate the two pictures I'm getting of her right this moment. 
I called Mom as soon as I got off the phone with my insurance company. I told her what all happened on this conversation I had with them. Her response? Mom's words were along the lines of Well I guess she has the wool pulled over everyone's eyes.
OOHHH I am just so darn MAD over this whole thing!
And now a couple weeks after I got the letter form the insurance company, STILL no word on the photos or me getting a copy of the claim. In fact, right before I went on vacation, I got a phone call because the insurance company had my info screwed up. They told me I was driving on an expired license (mine expires in 2010) yet they couldn’t ‘find” even the license number! So I had to fax them a copy of my license to prove I am in fact, driving quite legally, thank you very much. Grrrr.

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At 6:16 AM, Blogger Terri said...

I personally would report it to your state insurance commissioner. That's their job. And fraud costs everyone.


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