Sunday, November 18, 2007

old friends and phone calls

I just got off the phone with a friend I haven't talked to in over three years. My friend J who I used to work with way back when who has lived in FL now for 7 or 8 years. Last time I talked to him we figured out was three years ago. His dad died that summer and I remember him calling me to tell me that and that he was engaged and getting married. We lost touch because he never realized he forgot to give me his new address and phone number and e-mail after he moved in with his then fiancĂ©e. And it never occurred to me to see if I could find him through the computer. 
Out of the blue he called me tonight (he tried calling me the other day, in hopes my phone number hadn't changed, but I wasn't home. But he got my voicemail so he knew it was still my number). Just like we've always been, it's like there was no time between conversations. We talked for almost 4 hours on the phone. We talked his cell phone battery dead and he had to plug it in to the charger to call me back. We've always been like that too. We ALWAYS talk the phone dead when we get on the phone. There are so few people I can talk to for hours on end with no breaks in conversation and he's the same way.  
I even used to have some eerie mental thing going that I would know before the phone even rang that he was calling. But weirdly enough, I have been thinking of him the past few days, wondering how he was doing.  I think about him now and then quite a bit, wondering how he's doing but he's been on my mind a LOT lately for some reason. And then he calls tonight. Really bizarre. So I guess that wavelength is still there , if a little rusty. I've never had anyone else I could do that with but I always used to know he was calling me without ever seeing the caller ID.
We never dated or anything like that but we are very dear friends, and have been from the first time we met. We just clicked immediately and knew we'd found a friend for life. If there is such a thing as soul mates (but not in romanticized definition of the word), then that would probably be us.
It was so nice to hear from him again. We had SOOO much to catch up on (and still more we never got to I'm sure). Some things never change I guess. As he has told me a million times, that's the mark of a true friendship. You know each other on such a deep level that it doesn't matter if it's been 10 minutes or 10 years. You pick up like no time at all has passed.
And now I actually have his address and phone number and e-mail so I can make sure we don't go three years between contact again.  :-) 
And it was a wonderful pick me up since I've been down lately. Ever since I left PA I get depressed this time of year, knowing I'm missing family Thanksgiving, which has always been the most special event my family and relatives. I get sad knowing I'm missing it.
And I've had some other stuff on my mind the past few weeks two that has been weighing me down.
So now I have a nice warm fuzzy to carry me along a while, knowing I got to talk to one of my very best friends in the world, whether we ever get to see each other or not. Last time we actually saw each other was probably 7 or so years ago. I forget exactly how may years it's been (sorry M and J!) but the last time I saw him was when I was in CT for a wedding of two good friends. He lived an hour or so away and we met up the one night. Talked ourselves hoarse that night I think as we walked the beach in the park and caught up on each other's lives. And we almost got locked in to the park too since we talked very late into the night and they have gates across the roads into the park that they close when the park closes.


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