Monday, December 20, 2004

What I've been doing the past couple days part 2

I didn't hear from Dusty Saturday night and that was his Christmas party for work so I was harassing him via text messages and phone messages on Sunday. Well I found out why I didn't hear from him Saturday and THAT is a story unto it self, fully deserving of it's own blog entry. So I'll do that after this one.

Sunday morning about 11:00 My best friend Jackie called me so we could make plans to get together. She came and picked me up early afternoon and we went out to lunch. It was a short visit, only maybe two hours tops, but I had Joey's SECOND Bday party that night and she had plans to see her fiance, so we just did lunch and caught up a little bit. We figured we'd have today to spend more time together and talk. That fell through which I'll get to in yet another entry tonight. LOL SO I got back from lunch and read a little bit, and other things, until shortly before time to head to Amy and Dave's. Those "other things" involve the Dusty story coming later.

I headed to Amy and Dave's for the second party, which was also a Christmas dinner for them and their friends. There were a lot fewer people here, but since I knew all their friends who were there, it was a good time. His cake last night was Spiderman and once again, he was too distracted with company and new toys to eat much of it. LOL

I left last night about 10:00 or so and got to drive in snow for the fist time in over a year. Needless to say, I was reminded once again of why I like Texas. LOL No snow, and what little we DO get melts in no time flat. After got home I read a little bit then was in bed within an hour of getting home.


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