Tuesday, April 05, 2005

And speaking of flowers...

I have gotten almost all of mine planted now. I already talked about the ones I got done this past weekend, on Saturday. I had three huge clay planters on my porch and had room for three more. I planted the ones I had but needed to pay my bills before I could see if I could buy the rest of my planters and flowers. Well bills are paid and I actually had a little extra floating this pay check. So today I made Dusty go with me to the nursery after work today to help me get what I wanted. He wasn't so keen on going, but I needed him to help me carry the heavy bags of soil. I promised him it would be a quick trip though so he didn't have to worry, because I already knew what I wanted. I only had enough for soil, plants and two pots, so the sixth one will have to come next paycheck.

I got one more hibiscus since three didn't fit in a pot like I thought they would, so I had one lonely one by itself. I got a second today so I could plant them together in a pot. I also had bought some stargazer lily bulbs (one of my absolute favorite flowers in the world) and planted those today. Six to a pack and all in one big pot, I hope they don't crowd each other out. My last planter will be just bedding plants I think, like impatiens or something. They look so pretty when they spread and fill a pot.

I can't wait till everything is growing and I have a profusion of color on my porch. The hibiscus are already blooming and they are a beautiful pale orange with a pink center. Sound strange I know, but they are beautiful. I've always loved hibiscus, but can't plant them up north. LOL

Now if only I can keep my plants alive this year... Last year I think my dahlias got drowned due to the extreme amounts of rain we had in the spring. Hopefully this year will be better.


At 2:28 PM, Blogger Kelley said...

And this year they died of heat stroke. LOL Even watering them every day didn't cut it. The hibiscus and pansies I bought for the last pot lived the longest, just dying completely in the past couple weeks. A lt of the plants never even came up. I still have one calla lily plant alive, but it never bloomed. So next year i have to decide if i want to try it again or just say heck with it. LOL


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