Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Cat that loved chocolate brownies...

and cheetos

Let me tell you a story....

Last Sunday was the big Sadie Hawkins event for IBC Thrive and the women were treating the guys to a baseball game, homemade lunches and baked goods, as well as some refreshments at the game.

Saturday was the day we got together to make up all the lunches and baked good bags for the guys. Well the girls came through big time and we had TONS of baked goods left over that we all took home. I had a whole bunch of individually bagged brownies in a bigger shopping bag that I brought home. I also brought home some of the left over snack packs of chips. Well we had another Thrive event that evening so when I got home from making the lunches I had about two hours to finish up the last minute preparations I was responsible for on Sunday and then I had to run out for the next event.

So stupid me, I left the shopping bag on the couch with the Ziploc bags of brownies in it figuring they'd be fine until I got home that night to put them away. After all, all the bags were sealed so wouldn't attract bugs or anything in the few hours I would be gone gone. And the individual chips bags were in the shopping bag also.

Well I wasn't counting on my sweet little Amun who sometimes is a little demon-cat. LOL But I still love him.

I got home Saturday night about 11 or so and what do I find? All the Ziploc bags are chewed through in the shopping bag and brownie crumbs all on the inside of the shopping bag. And one of the bags of cheetos chewed open and GONE! yes all gone! And how did I know Amun was the culprit? Well he was still IN the shopping bag surrounded by chocolate crumbs and his face stuffed inside the empty cheetos bag licking the inside of the bag clean!

Never in a million years would I have expected that my CAT would have a bigger sweet tooth than I do and would have a passion for cheetos as well. So all those yummy home made brownies (I had eaten one before I left Sat evening so I KNOW they were good.) were nibbled on my my evil little fur ball!! And I had to throw ALL of them away. I love my cats dearly, they are my "children," but I do not care to share my food with them, especially after they've gone to town on it!

Bright side? He's most definitely MY cat loving chocolate like he does and as much as I do. So I guess I couldn't have picked a more perfect cat personality wise. Or rather he picked me since it was him curling up on my shoulder and immediately starting to purr away when his brothers weren't interested that made me bring him home.

I love my little guy but from now on? All chocolate and cheetos are getting stashed somewhere HE can't get to them! Which means the fridge since he even knows how to open the cabinets.



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