Thursday, April 06, 2006

Woo Hoo! I passed!

Some of you will remember several weeks ago when I was off taking the prep course and certification exam for work that I really wanted. Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) is something I've wanted for a while but never did anything about until this year. The class was REALLY hard and I actually failed the exam for the class itself, by only 6 points! That wasn't the exam that counted though.

Well I got home from work a few minutes ago and when I got my mail there was the dreaded yet eagerly anticipated envelope from the certifying agency. It was slightly think, which is usually a good thing. So I nervously opened it up.

First thing I see? Congratulations! YAY!!! Woo hoo! I passed the exam! I don't know what my score was since they don't tell you, but I know I passed! Now I need to read and sign the code of ethics and pay my annual dues and I'm officially a member!

I'm so excited! I was really worried about this since I wanted it so badly and the exam was so difficult. Now I have one thing less to be worrying about. Thank God!

They did spell my name wrong, which I have asked three times to have corrected, but it looks like I'll have to do that again. That's nothing though and shouldn't take too long to get fixed.


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