Saturday, March 18, 2006

my birthday

Thanks everyone for all the cards and e-cards messages and everything. I got all of them. I also got bunches of phone calls from family and friends. Even several of the folks from my table at Thrive (my singles group) called me or e-mailed me. I was quite surprised at how many I got actually from everyone all over the place.

My day started just like always with me going to work. Mom called me in the morning to sing Happy Birthday, like she does every year I'm not at home with her. While I was on the phone with Mom at work, Debbie came in with a birthday cake she had bought for me. Amy text messaged me to say happy birthday too.

Then I proceeded to open all the e-cards that came flying in all morning.

Debbie and Lori took me to lunch at the Mongolian Grill (I love that place!) and then after lunch we dug in to the cake.

I left work a little early, just because.

Dad called me while I was heating up left overs for dinner (he was at the beach for the week) and told me happy birthday. He was so funny. He was out to dinner with his friend he was down there with when he called me. When he asked what I did for my birthday and I told him was going to go out to dinner but something came up so it fell through. He was saying he felt guilty that here he was out to dinner at the restaurant while talking to me and I wasn't eating out for mine since my plans fell through. LOL So he was asking what I was going to do instead.

Thursdays are our weekly gathering at Starbucks for some of us from Thrive so I headed over there for the evening too. That wasn't for my birthday either but it just worked out it fell on the right day.

While I was out, Tommy called me to say happy birthday and so did Amy, but I missed both since I couldn't hear my phone ringing since it gets so loud in Starbucks.

I didn't check my home phone when I got home last night (I have a bad habit of forgetting to do that) so I didn't realize I had about three messages there too. LOL As I was driving home from Starbucks, I was all disappointed thinking one friend in particular had forgotten my birthday. He's never forgotten it in the time we've known each other so I was sorta bummed. Well it turns out he was one of the people who called me last night that I missed not being home. So he didn't forget after all and I was glad. I called him back today and we talked a while. Jackie called me last night too but I missed her call as well and I didn't get to call her back today. So I have to do that tomorrow. :-)

The birthday continued in to today since that was when my gift form Mom and Dad arrived. Mom ordered it all from a catalog we both love, Creative Irish Gifts. I got, an angel corner hugger to hang on my front door, (she actually doesn't fit on my front door since there's not enough room between the door and the adjacent wall so she's hanging on my coat closet door instead, where she can still watch over my front door), an Irish faery figurine that I'll probably use as a Christmas ornament, a sterling silver watch where the band is made up of Celtic knots, a silver necklace that reminds me of a bolo tie from the design, having it be a long silver chain that is strung through a Triskelion (three sided Celtic knot) enhancer that you slide up and down to adjust the length, a silver claddaugh bracelet, and two stretch bracelets of gold and green beads.

My best gift though was a hand made one. Joey drew me a picture that Amy put in my birthday card. That will be going to work with me and getting a place of honor on my bulletin board. It's the first picture he's made for me so it's extra special. :-)

I called Mom today to tell her my package arrived and when I was talking to her she was telling me about when Joey and baby Tommy were dropped off for her to baby sit yesterday. When they arrived Mom asked Joey if he knew who's birthday it was and he said "Aunt Kelley's!" Then he went on to ask if I was going to have a birthday cake. He was SOOO worried I wasn't going to have one and that was the most important thing in the world to him for me on my birthday. So Mom told him that yes I had a cake from the ladies I worked with and he felt much better to know that. I thought that was so cute that he was so worried I wouldn't have a cake.

Also today several more birthday cards arrived so I continued my celebration in to today. And tomorrow is my book club's monthly tea, and it's a "March Birthday" tea since a couple of us have bdays this month so I get to continue the celebration in to tomorrow.

And that about wraps up the details of my birthday.


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Penelope Marzec said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

At 8:42 AM, Blogger Meg said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday!!


At 9:38 AM, Blogger Shelleen said...

Happy Birthday and sounds like you had a great day!!

At 1:07 AM, Blogger Kelley said...

yes it turned out to be a pretty good few days. Thanks for allt he birthday wishes!


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