Sunday, February 05, 2006

my head hurts! and super bowl!!!

and no it's not because I had too much to drink at the super bowl party! LOL It was a church group party so no alcohol was present. Which BTW I was SOOOOO excited my Steelers finally got our fifth super bowl ring! It's been a LONG time coming. And I was the only person at the party who had a vested interest in the game and probably more engrossed in the game than any of the guys there. LOL

I've actually had a really bad one all day long but there was no way in hell I was missing the super bowl party and a chance to cheer my team on to their victory! I've been popping Excedrin like candy but it's not done any good. If it's still this bad tomorrow I may have to call off work.

Anyhow... the party.

It started at 5 and I got there about 10 after, fully decked out in Steelers gear. I almost stuck one of my terrible towels in my pocket but decided that might be overkill. LOL By the end of the night there were probably 50 people there. Most of which I did not know and did not even get around to introducing myself to since I was lost in football. LOL Not that I know much about the game. I know the difference between offense and defense and field goals and touchdowns but that's about it.

There were several people there I knew though and I did meet some new folks so that was nice. There was SOOO much food that Becky, the hostess, was practically begging people to take food home with them. I barely ate anything. I never even touched the kielbasa and cheese and crackers I took. I had a couple cookies and several diet cokes, but i sorta forgot to eat most of the night. When the game wasn't going on I was watching the commercials. And I could have done without seeing Mick Jagger shake his booty as much as he did! EEEEWWWW gross!

Anyhow, on with the party and game... I had a really nice time and took a lot of good natured ribbing when the Steelers lost their hold there for a little bit. But I KNEW we'd do it! I had a really good feeling about the game and it just felt like it was time for us to win again. I was more excited for Jerome Bettis and Bill Cowher than anything. I REALLY wanted them to win for Bettis' sake. I wanted so badly for him to finally get his ring. They've come close so many times since he's been on the team only to lose in the end. He was supposed to retire last year but since they did so well last year he was hoping for one more good year so stuck around for one more shot. There were rumors he'd be retiring after this season so we'll see if he does. And Cowher's been with the Steelers for 13 years and deserved the ring for as much as he's done for them these years. I didn't realize it's been that long! They said that tonight and it doesn't seem like that long since Chuck Noll retired.

But the game was awesome and I was yelling and cheering more than a lot of the guys. As little as I know about football, I think I still surprised some of them by showing how much women can like football too. LOL

As soon as the game was over I had to text message Amy and Tommy and call Mom and Dad. I also told Mom I want a championship t-shirt and baseball hat. I can't get them down here so I asked her to pick them up for me and I'll pay her back. I also got to talk to Joey for a little bit on the phone though I had to go outside since it was too loud inside to hear him. I could hear Mom OK but Joey is not very loud on the phone. He told me he had fun watching football and seeing us win too. :-)

And I know I had planned to say more in here, but I forget now what it was. LOL My head hurts too much and I need to go get my shower and get ready for work. I sure hope I don' t have to call off work tomorrow if this blasted headache isn't gone yet!

Oh yeah, and one of the guys there who I've met a couple other times at events asked me if I'd like to go out for coffee or something this week. I'm still not in the market for a new SO, but I figure coffee can't hurt and he's nice so we can be friends at least and see how that goes. So I guess we're meeting one night this week depending on how my work schedule turns out. I never know what it will be like till I get there Monday. No matter how much advance planning I do, it always changes. LOL


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