Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Year's resolutions from 2005 - How'd I do?

Every year in my one internet group we post our new year's Resolutions. Then we go back at the end of the year to see what we picked and how we did. So here is my status report from 2005...

1. Get myself out of debt again so I never have to go through credit counseling again.

~~ Nope. didn't happen. In fact I'm worse debt! But I can honestly blame a lot of that on the horrendous year I've had with things happening and stuff going on.At least I have a personal plan though for resolving this on my own, without help from a credit counseling program.

2. Start exercising. I've been saying I need to do that for a few months now.

~~ I DID do this. I started Body for Life and got 10 weeks in to the 12 week program before vacations interfered.

3. Same as last year... stop goofing off so much at work.

~~ Nope didn't happen.

4. Get some sort of savings account started and stick to saving money.

~~ Nope didn't happen. See #1

5. Get quicker turn around time on all my book reviewing. I've fallen so far behind sometimes I don't get my reviews done till 3 months later then I should

~~ Well I did really well for a while than I fell behind again. Too popular with the authors I guess. LOL I got lots of private requests and I took on reviewing a another website which backlogged me even more.

6. Start consolidating everything I have (WHY do I own so much STUFF I'll never use or wear?) and getting rid of the clutter and stop buying so much other stuff I don't need.

~~ I can say I did do this pretty well. Granted, it took the hurricanes to force me in to it, but I did get rid of a LOT of stuff through relief efforts. My books though... another story. Got rid of a bunch, only to buy a bunch more. LOL But at least I got rid of a lot I'd been holding on to forever, knowing I'd never reread them since I have too many not read to go back and reread.

AND HOW DID YOU DO?? post your status on 2005 resolutions and your plans for 2006 in comments to my blog! I'd love to see how everyone else did.

I need to think a bit on New Year's resolutions for next year though.


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