Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gave blood today

for the first time EVER! I've never given blood before and for whatever reason I decided to this time. I did try back on 9/11, but I had gotten a tattoo (my second one) within a year of that so I wasn't allowed to give blood. Apparently the rules have changed on that just in the past year, as I found out today when I mentioned that time.
The Bureau of Prisons here on post was sponsoring a holiday blood drive so Debbie and I decided what the heck. We both made appointments for 9:30 and it was the first time giving blood for both of us. Neither of us even know our blood types, though I have a pretty good idea of what mine is. it's just never been confirmed. LOL
So we got there at 9:30, signed in, read the little book you're required to read before donating, and went through the health questions drill. She thought we'd only be there a few minutes and I said don't count on it, just in case. well we were there for an hour since we had to wait a bit before they could start with us. I had taken the current book I'm reading ("In Stone's Clasp" by Christie Golden - a fantasy - in case anyone cares. LOL) and I talked her into taking a magazine.
I did the drill, had the sample testing done before hand and then hit the chair. Didn't take too long once the needle was in as apparently I'm a fast bleeder. :-) Did my civic duty, had the little cup of juice and some cookies and waited for Debbie to finish. We even got a free t shirt for participating.
So now it's over and done, I'll get my donor card in the mail in the next few weeks and I have a bruise on my finger where the test sample was taken. I've had blood taken for a million things before and I've NEVER bruised on my finger from it. I guess she really pushed hard when she pricked.
And that's the end of my oh so exciting report. Like anyone really cares beside me. Oh and whatever person it is who gets my blood. I'm sure they care too. LOL


At 8:43 AM, Anonymous soniak said...

Kelley, good for you! I've never given blood either. Maybe one of these days I'll do it, but everytime I have blood taken for just a simple test or whatever I get woozy, so I'm afraid to give large amounts of blood, I think I'd probably pass out. Sigh...


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