Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I had a great night last night

I got home from work and my friend Susan stopped me before I went upstairs to tell me they She and David) were grilling out and had tons of food if I wanted to come. They were out at the pool.

David was on a cooking kick yesterday and he called Susan at work to say they were having a "date." She asked what their date was going to be and he said he was cooking her dinner, but there was too much food so they needed to invite more people. (Quite a date huh? A party date? LOL) So they called me, called my upstairs neighbor Angie, called Bill, and tried to get Casey in the leasing office but that guy is a social butterfly and is always busy! I was the first one there as I got home about 6 and was out by the pool by 6:15 with Susan. Too cold to swim but it was a gorgeous night out, as we've had all week long so it was perfect cook out weather. Angie got there between 7 and 7:30 and David was in and out all evening. He was doing all the cooking and wouldn't even let Susan in the kitchen to see what he was making. Bill got there a little after 8, pitcher of strawberry daiquiris in hand.

Dinner was ready about 8:30 and man what a spread! David went mostly Cajun wild and made jambalaya, sauteed crawfish (which I've never tried before, in any way of cooking and crawfish are YUMMY!), shish kabobs, baked potatoes wrapped in bacon, hot wings and bread. He said he had planned to make blackened fish filets too but ran out of cooking space and people to eat it! As it was there was TONS of food left over. (I'm hoping for a few doggie bags today since they weren't doing much with everything last night but covering it and putting it in the fridge to worry about later. ) Then Susan had bought a French chocolate torte for dessert. Man was I stuffed after dinner! And I drank half of the daiquiris, Bill and I each drinking 4, so I was feeling pretty good too. The whole thing was David's idea and he actually is the person who invited everyone.

About 10:30 I headed on home, slightly unsteadily even after all that food from the daiquiris (Bill had made them pretty strong!), after a short conversation with Bill before we all went our separate ways. So it was a perfect night last night, a million times better then sitting in front of the TV with my left over mac and cheese, watching my TV shows working on the computer, and playing with the "kids," which had been my plan for the evening.

And you should have heard the bunch of us making plans for different group things we want do together. We all picked one thing we really want to do that can be a group function and we're gonna see how many of those things we actually do - roller skating, camping, horse back riding, nudist camp (Just a joke! Bill had to pick something and he jokingly picked that one. We'll not do it but we still include it in the list. LOL), movie night (easy one to swing and probably the most likely one to do. My pick was horse back riding but I also suggested ice skating and midnight bowling.

I'm so glad I found a group of people I can call up on a whim just to talk to or hang out with. I have my book group, but I have this group too. I've always been slow to make friends, but once I do we are friends a LONG time and it's taken me two years down here, but I finally have a good group of folks that are friends now, between my book group and my neighbors.

And I will possibly be spending Turkey day with Susan and David. They aren't planning to go anywhere and I've not gotten anything to do yet. So I may just horn in on their holiday celebration. LOL


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