Friday, August 05, 2005

This is exciting...

As every week, I had to hit the book store to see the latest releases. Moon's Web by C T Adams and Cathy Clamp is out now (and with a different cover then was originally designed too) and since I loved the book when i got my review copy several months ago, I had to buy it. I open it to the front inside page where there's usually an excerpt. It opens to the title page so I turned another page and there are two pages of review snippets, one page for Moon's Web and one for Hunter's Moon, which was their first book in this series. An lo and behold but what do I find? That I'm quoted! My name isn't listed, but the website is named, so that's cool.

The snippet they used is:
For Moon's Web:
Ms. Clamp and Ms. Adams pull no punches with this story. Readers will love the world created in this series, and especially enjoy the complex society made up of shape shifters of every kind imaginable."

It's so cool to see my words in print like that. There was the quote in the RT Book Club magazine a couple months ago, and now this one. And there was the one from a review I did a couple years ago where I'm quoted on the cover. I'm quoted all over the net, but to see it in print in a book is WAY more exciting.


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