Thursday, June 30, 2005

More on insurance companies are the enemy...

I HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES!!! They are nothing but thieves and liars. They drag you around, change their tune every time you talk to them, blow you off when you try to find something out, then suddenly reappear because they imply YOU are screwing them over and then tell you too bad so sad, you're out of luck.

This damn claim from my burglary ALMOST THREE MONTHS AGO is still not resolved and guess, what, they are saying it's all MY fault. Yeah I asked for someone to break in, still over $12000 worth of stuff, then I told the cops to not bother investigating and told the insurance company to give the the crap run around.

The latest... They called me this week while I was out of town and said, oh by the way, you've not given us any documentation to prove you bought this stuff so we can't give you any money. They tell me I need to produce receipts and produce them fast because my claim is too big. Funny, they told me two months ago, I did not need receipts or photos for clothing. They told me I had to have that stuff for jewelry then proceeded to tell me my policy doesn't cover jewelry so they can't give me but a pittance for it anyhow.

So I called back last night and left a message saying why do they keep changing their tune on me? Why do they tell me one thing then later tell me something totally different? I don't HAVE receipts for probably 90% of the clothes that were stolen. And it doesn't matter that most everything that was stolen I've had for a while it's not stuff I just bought yesterday. I've barely bought any clothes in a couple years because I have so many and I've been trying to trim down the wardrobe. A bunch of paperwork never made it here when I moved because I didn't bring a lot of it with me or what did make it here got tossed when I arrived and moved in, not intentionally, but it did. And I've not bought any good jewelry in at least three or four years and I don't keep receipts forever. And clothes? I buy them on sale usually, and with my debit card, or cash, so I don't go overboard. I never keep cash receipts. And my debit card receipts I only keep until they they clear on the account and then they get thrown away. If I kept every single receipt for everything I've ever bought, I'd need a mansion to store all of it!

So then they tell me, well then we are taking the MAXIMUM depreciation off of the value of everything and you're going to get hardly anything back from us. Doesn't matter that I've already had to go out and buy replacements on bunches of stuff and had to pay more then the MAXIMUM DEPRECIATION value for everything. Oh and did o know that clothes, lose all value the moment they leave the store? Yep that's what they then try to tell me. So even if I could produce documentation on EVERYthing, I'd still only get a pittance because there's no value left on anything.

So I get angry at being screwed on both ends and the woman says "insurance claims are not an emotional process, they are cold hard facts" and basically tells me to shut up. So I ask her have you ever been robbed? Of course they try the "this isn't about me" routine but I press and she says "No but if I did I wouldn't get upset over it. After all it's only material goods." Well I told her I never thought I'd get overly emotional about being robbed either. But guess what I do and not over the items stolen but the fact that to have someone break into your home where you are supposed to be safe results in a terrible violated feeling. And I said "don't sit here and say you know what you'd do because fact of the matter is, you DON'T!" You never know how you'd react until it happens. All your thoughts on "what if" and "how would I deal with this?" go out the window when it happens.

And this whole thing has dragged on forever. It should have been resolved ages ago but nobody is doing their job! The police tell me I'm on in a thousand and basically tell me I don't warrant an investigation, because my crime against me isn't bad enough for them to waste time on it. The "independent" claims adjustor hired by the insurance company (hmmm, tell me how can it be independent when they know who is giving them their paycheck?) never bothered to call me for ages, only finally calling when I complained to the insurance company I'd not heard anything. Then he finally DOES call, probably because he was yelled at and the insurance agent tells me to call him back and tell him they handled it themselves already. So I do that, then a month goes by and suddenly I'm accused of ignoring the requirements and never calling the claims adjustor to finish the process. Funny I called him, told him what they told me to say, then I never hearform the guy again. And a month later the insurance company tells me they can't process the claim without my RECORDED statement. Geez, I've only told about 5 people already what happened, between the police and the insurance and that's not good enough? And if they did need a recorded statement, why the hell didn't the claims adjustor call me back and say "Ok I know the paperwork was sent to the insurance company, but you still need to give a statement. Had he or they bothered to tell me that, I'd have made sure it was done. Instead they sit on their asses and do nothing and suddenly a month later it's my fault because I didn't do something I didn't know I was supposed to do?

So what have I gotten out of this whole mess? "Too bad, don't get robbed next time." Like I ASKED for this?!? So basically I get shit from anyone. No closure since the police told me too bad you're not important enough. An insurance company that thinks I'm something less then human because I actually HAVE feelings and get emotional over something like this. They are the ones that are less then human. You might as well have a bunch of robots doing their job, they practically are robots already anyhow.


At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Geri said...

Hey, tell me about it, Kelley. Try getting leukemia and having your health insurance take 6 months to decide if your life-threatening illness was diagnosed before you took out THEIR health insurance! Not to mention their slower than molasses payments to the medical services who keep sending bill collectors after me. I've had to keep a spiral notebook to log all the calls I've made to that company and the services...too ugly for words. Geri

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Kelley said...

I feel for you Geri! My situation is nothing compared to yours. You have just recovered from a terrible illness only to be attacked byt the insurance companies that are supposed to be helping you. I hope you get it all worked out! )))HUGS(((


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