Thursday, June 23, 2005

Car Dealers like to torture us

Yes I am convinced of it.

I had to get my car inspected before the end of this month, and since next week I won't be home, this week was it. So I took my car down Tuesday night and got a ride home. I couldn't afford to spend the whole day waiting again. Every single time I go to the dealer for ANY kind of work, no matter how simple, I end up being there all day. So I went to work in the morning on Wednesday, but had to head to the dealer just after lunch since that was the only time i could swing a ride. So I got to the dealer around 1:30. I knew I needed an oil change and I knew I needed my transmission serviced and the trans fluid changed. I also have a broken trunk latch, that they supposedly fixed last year but it has never worked properly since then. And this was all BEFORE getting to the inspection!

Well 5:30 rolls around and I'm still there. I also needed a new fan belt, which I expected because last year they told me it would need changed or I wouldn't pass this year's inspection. Turns out they didn't have the belt in stock so had to order the part. By 5:30, they had done everything except the trunk latch and said it wouldn't be finished then.

BUT they said if I came in this morning (Thursday) they'd have it fixed in two hours. So hey said last night. The service dept opens at 7 but the manager gets there at 6;15 and he said if i got there then, they'd get started right away so I was done sooner. Well i got there 6:45 and settled in to wait two hours. Only to be told today that it would be three hours. Five hours later, not a word. So I hunted down the service manager and demanded an update since no one had told me a thing. Turns out something else with the latch was broken other then what they thought so they had to fix that too. He told me no worries, it would be done in 20 minutes. TWO HOURS later it's finally finished and I had wasted a total of 12 hours, a whole day and a half I could not afford to not be at work, before everything was done.

Had I known Id be there ALL day today, I would have made them shuttle me to work, even though I was told they don't go as far as where I work away from the dealer.

They didn't charge me for the trunk work, but $400 later my car will make it through another inspection. Though apparently there is some sort of seal in the axle that is starting to leak and though it didn't need fixed right now, it will be needed in a few months. Oh and the service manager (who is actually the ONLY person in there service department I like and will ever deal with. The rest of the guys there I've dealt with try to treat me like an idiot since I'm a woman. I'm far from a car genius but I know the basics and don't deserve condescension. The manager always deals straight up with me, never condescends, and will answer any and all questions I have. He even helps me out on a break now and then if I'm stuck. Anyhow, he told me to bring my car down there for my next oil change, to ask for him and he'll ensure I get the oil change done for free, to make up for today's fiasco. It's not enough to make up for all the hassle, but $35 is $35 that i won't have to pay. LOL I'd never take my car to the dealer for an oil change unless like this week I knew I was late on it and the car was going in anyhow, because they are so darn expensive for that. But I'll take it next time if it means I get it for free! LOL

Oh but it gets better! They try to tell me my extended warranty expired a month ago! I purchased a 5 yr/100K mile warranty and THEY tried to tell me I bought a 4 year/60K warranty. Well I know what I wanted and asked for and I know what is written on my sales slip from when I bought my car! I'd NEVER buy an extended warranty that would expire before the car was even paid off! I always go for a 60 month financing plan, and I'd never buy less then a 5 year/75K warranty with the amount of driving I do.


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