Monday, May 09, 2005

It's been a little while

since I was last in here.

Not a whole lot of excitement for me, Two weekends ago we went to Scarborough Faire again and I got to wear one of my new bodices. Mine was not nearly as tight as some women's were, but I can see why women got "the vapors" so much back then. Hard to breathe when trussed up like that! LOL But it was fun and I hope by next year to have the rest of the wardrobe to go with them.

Last week I was in Salt Lake City for a training class for work. I've been using the program it was on for several years but I wanted a refresher in case I could learn some new tricks. I personally didn't get a whole lot out of it, but I know most everyone did. And the instructors were very knowledgeable, unlike some classes I've taken.

I got home Friday afternoon and just spent the weekend mainly running around getting things done. Dusty was supposed to be out of town for the weekend, leaving Friday, but he called me at 3 AM Saturday morning because he couldn't get in to the apartment since both locks were locked. (The one lock doesn't have a key. It can only be locked and unlocked from inside.) Apparently their plans fell through and he decided to drive back middle of the night.

Saturday was errand day and we rented movies that night. We watched Meet the Parents which I'd never seen and it was hilarious!

Sunday we got daring with our dinner we cooked and decided to try chicken fajitas. They turned out really good but almost too spicy. I had marinated all the veggies and the chicken in a red pepper marinade. We julienned some jalapenos too and we added a couple too many so it was HOT. But it tasted really good, if spicy. I guess next time we'll use a few less peppers.

Sunday night we went to the dollar theater. We had intended to see Meet the Fockers (hence why we rented and watched the other one Saturday) but it was gone. It had been there about three days before but disappeared over the weekend. So we saw Boogeyman instead. Weird movie, not the best, kinda lame actually.


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