Thursday, April 14, 2005

Party Day!

Two of Dad's friends were in on the plan and took him golfing, meeting him for breakfast at 9. So Mom wanted us all there by 9:30. As soon as we arrived we were all hustled into getting things ready. Amy and I moved all the furniture in the living room and dining room and I moved some stuff in the kitchen. Then we had to put out all Amy's lawn chairs and the tables we borrowed from friends. And don't forget the decorations! We had thos to put up too. Joey had picked everything out decoration wise and he did a pretty good job considering he had no idea what he was picking for. LOL Several neighbors came over to help set up too.

We finished up early enough to relax a little before all the guests started to arrive. Mom had told everyone to be there by three since Dad was expected to get back around 3:30. It was funny because I didn't realize Mom had told no one so all the relatives and friends were really surprised to see I had made it in for the party. Like I'd miss dad's birthday? No way! LOL So it was doubly nice for everyone since I got to see all my relatives there since I can't make either of my cousin's weddings this year.

The plan was to have me hide inside when Dad was close to being home because I was an extra special surprise. So a couple of my aunts were voluntarily on watch duty in case they saw his car I could duck inside. well I of course missed the initial surprise since I was inside, but they said the look on his face when he pulled up was priceless when he saw all the decorations. I came about about 5 to 10 minutes after he got home and was standing next to him for 5 minutes before he realized it. Then all of a sudden he saw me and says "Kelley! You made it home too!" I said surprise and of course the emotional person I am, got teary eyed when I went to give him a hug and kiss. I really miss my family when I'm not home. Dad was shell shocked for a while at first but it wore off eventually. And since dad is a twin, it was actually a double birthday party, for he and Uncle Dave.

We lucked out and had an absolutely gorgeous day for the party. Sun was bright, weather was warm, and I got sunburned. LOL Everyone who made it had a wonderful time and Dad was really pleased at it all. So that of course was icing on the cake.

I was glad too because I got to see my cousin David who I haven't seen since Dec 2003, right before he got sent to Iraq. He got back in January and this was the first I'd seen him. I'm so glad he made it home safely. (Moment of silence for all of our brave soldiers who did not make it home, and their families....) Thanks your soldiers when you see them for how they bravely do their duty for our country, strong and proud. They don't get as much respect as they deserve, even as much as they do get. Never forget that they are out there protecting our home and helping the world live in peace.

Well, we partied on well into the evening, until the out of towners had to leave. But all the neighbors stayed late as we all just relaxed in the garage.


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