Thursday, April 14, 2005

My trip home - Thursday

Now I can post about it since I've been back several days and the surprise is past. LOL I flew home a week ago today for Dad's surprise birthday/retirement party. The only people who knew I was coming were my sisters, mom, and brother. None of the relatives new and most definitely Dad didn't know. Amy didn't even tell Joey because he'd not have understood it was to be a secret. Amy met me at the airport, which was a comedy of errors. My flight was a little early getting in but they never changed the flight status on the arrival monitors. So Amy was sitting upstairs waiting for the notice the flight had landed and I was down in baggage claim waiting for her. Finally someone realized the flight had probably landed so she came down and there I was, as I had been for half an hour! The same amount of time Amy had been upstairs. I didn't call right away, figuring she got out of work late so was going to wait a bit before I tried her. And here she was there the whole time!

After she picked me up, we ran errands for the party then met Tommy for dinner at Outback, where Tanya was working. It was slow that night, so she sat with us most of the time we were there. I had brought the baby clothes I bought them with me into the restaurant so she could open them up. She and Tommy both loved the two outfits I had bought.

After dinner I was exhausted and ready for bed already. We got to their house and of course Dave had let Joey stay up till we got there. Joey was THRILLED to see me and came running over and jumped into my arms for a big hug and a kiss. Which of course made my heart just melt because I miss him so much when I don't see him. So he had fun playing with me until bedtime.


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