Friday, April 22, 2005

Insurance companies are horrible! A rant...

I'm convinced they are out to do nothing but make life more difficult for us. I've had nothing but grief from mine since the break in. I talked to my insurance adjustor yesterday on my renter's insurance. And it was less then satisfactory. I pretty much found out that I'm screwed. I totaled up the dollar amounts of what was stolen.. WAY too much, and about 98% of the value was jewelry. And what do I find out, but that the policy will only pay up to $500 towards stolen jewelry! That won't even cover ONE ring! I found out that oh you have to have an "ADDITIONAL" policy to cover jewelry. And on top of that, you have to have photos of every single piece covered under that policy. Oh and don't forget receipts for EVERYthing! Even clothing bought 5 or 6 years ago... or more. My response to the agent was "do YOU keep receipts of every single thing you purchase in your life, cash or charge?" Of course they don't, but WE are supposed to. So needless to say, I think I'll be lucky if I get even a couple thousand back from them.

AND my insurance agent I bought it from initially misled me. Now I knew the company I went through was not the best as it was a state mandated option because the other places I tried weren't writing policies two years ago. And why... mold! The sudden influx of mold issues over the past few years and the discovery of all the problems it causes caused a lot of insurance company to stop writing renter's or homeowner's policies for a few years. And of course no one bothered to tell me that you have to buy separate policies for jewelry. I even read all the paperwork on my current policy and don't recall ANYwhere it says the max towards jewelry is a measly 500 bucks. And any burglar who has half a brain knows jewelry is the way to go in a theft because it is so bloody difficult to track. I'm not a burglar and even I know that. Yet it never occurred to me to look into insurance on that more. I guess the whole "it will never happen to me" mentality.

So now I'm SOL on most of this stuff, and I doubt they'll catch the person who did it.

Lesson learned? EVERYONE who has any amount of jewelry of value, go get that darn jewelry policy! Take photos of every thing covered by it and put those, and all the receipts and warranties and whatever somewhere safe in case you are ever victimized.

For electronic equipment, make a list of everything you have and the model numbers, and serial numbers if they have one and put that somewhere safe with all your receipts for it all. THAT way your insurance agent can't screw you too if you are ever victimized like I was.

It's atrocious actually. You are already a victim and dealing with the knowledge that you were violated and your private belongings tossed and taken, which is NOT pleasant by the way, and then the insurance companies take you for everything you have left! And give you a hard time about giving you even a fraction of all the money you've funneled into their company by paying on your premiums. All that money to pay for insurance that doesn't do ANYthing!


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