Thursday, April 14, 2005

My trip home - Sunday

Sunday I slept in a bit as I needed it. Jackie picked me up about noon and we went to the mall to hang out and catch up since we haven't talked in a long time. We met up with Marcy, Jen, Mike, and Ben at Eat N Park at 1:30. Ben is getting so big (Jen and Mike's baby). Last time I saw him he was three months old and now he's 19 months! He's got such a cute face and bright blonde hair. After we ate lunch, we all went to the park, where Marcy's husband Tim, and their dog Gidget met up with us. We spent the afternoon there, playing bocce ball, which I had never played before. Fun game. I lost but that's OK, we had a blast just hanging out and talking.

After the game was over Jackie took me home since I wanted to be home for Sunday family dinner. It was left overs from the party and some good steaks! Then I got all my laundry done, relaxed with Mom and Dad all evening, then went to bed.

Monday I flew back to TX.


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