Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The horror - Victimized!

yes indeed. I was. My apartment was burglarized.

I discovered it when I got home from PA last Monday. It started because I noticed a few things out of place that Dusty repeatedly told me he had not touched. (I must have asked him the same questions about 15 times.) So I started looking around and noticed many things missing. I don't want to go into details of what is gone since the investigation is still ongoing, but let's just say a LOT was gone.

The bad part on top of all this is they tried to hide what they had done by putting everything back, hanging clothes up, etc. I only noticed because I'm so anal about how all my clothes are organized in my closet and dressers. So I could tell immediately things were out of place. I was pretty freaked out to say the least. And Dusty was totally shocked by it all and the more I discover that was touched, the weirder it gets. This was definitely a personal attack. Nothing random about this since they took their time going trough everything and didn't touch the electronic equipment and take some really strange things you'd not expect a burglar to walk off with.

I've already notified the police, my insurance company, the leasing office. My locks have been changed, extra locks put on the windows. Police are investigating though they told me jewelry is very hard to trace and likely they will not catch the person or recover what was stolen. I've been working up a list of everything I've noticed gone over the past week.

The whole thing had me scared. I'm still extremely jumpy after that and only the past few nights was I able to sleep all night with out nightmares or tossing and turning non-stop. I hope they'll find the person though I suspect it's unlikely.

So I've been understandably distracted the past week.


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