Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Scarborough Faire

Dusty and I went to the renaissance fair this weekend. he had to work Saturday and I had my book club meeting, so that left Sunday for us to go. We headed down to get there in time for opening ceremonies for the day and stayed till it was almost over. We saw several shows, walked a lot, ate bunches of food, did some shopping (well I did anyhow. LOL). It was a gorgeous day and we both got a healthy dose of sun. Funny thing is walking around seeing all the costumes, it amazed me how many women have their bodices so tight I'm amazed they didn't fall out of them. Let's just say, some were only being held in by a wish and a prayer. LOL I remarked to Dusty I should not be even slightly self conscious about my appearance compared to some of those women! And the whole time my mind is whirling as to how I can dress in something of a costume next week with what I have. I ordered some bodices online but have heard nothing about them yet so I'm hoping the order actually went through.

We spent the whole day there and still didn't see everything. We've already decided we're going again this Sunday for the whole day. last weekend it was all me buying everything since his paycheck was gone and this weekend he gets to pay for everything since my paycheck is gone. LOL We have season tickets so at least that part s already taken care of. But it is easy to spend a lot of money there. But it's only for two months and I doubt we'll get there every weekend, but at least every other until it's over for the year. I got the feeling this was his first visit to a Ren Faire, but he seemed to really enjoy it.


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