Friday, April 29, 2005

I fell in love with a new kitten today

I was up at the pet store as I needed some cat litter and food for my "kids." I never ever go past the adoption center when I'm there but today for some reason I just had to go by there. And he must have been why. This little guy is beautiful! His name is Knight and he's 6 months old, already neutered.

Anyone who's known me a long time knows I've always absolutely LOVED Siamese cats. Nothing more beautiful for a cat then a Siamese, except maybe a black (which of course I have already. LOL) Anyhow, this one is half Siamese snowshoe. He's got the brilliant blue eyes of a Siamese and the pale colored coat. On his face, just on his forehead, he has some brown striping, like a regular tabby. I couldn't see his paws to see what color they were but he was beautiful!

I am SOOO tempted to buy him, even though I've got two already. I even went so far as to call the store after I'd been home a little while to ask about their adoption program. They work with a local shelter to place cats so I'd have to apply for adoption and go through the organization. I don't know how much it will cost, probably about $60 which I'm not so sure I want to spend on a new pet I really don't need but just really WANT. LOL

I decided though I'm going to go back up there tomorrow and see if someone can take him out so I can hold him. I want to see how friendly he is. Which can be bad. If he and I take to each other right away I won't be able to resist buying him! I so know I shouldn't do it but I may do it anyhow. I figure there had to be a reason I was compelled to walk by there today and since I found him, he must be why.


At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did get the kitten? I, too, am an animal sucker. But my Gypsy Rose, a minature Australian Cattle Dog, is so possessive I doubt she would put up with a kitty. Our last cat, a beautiful black Burmese, Annie Hall, was with us 16 years and I still miss her.


At 9:27 PM, Blogger Kelley said...

Nope I didn't get the little guy. He was beautiful though. I couldn't get him the first weekend because was leaving that Monday to go out of town for a week and when I got back and headed down the the pet store he was gone. The adoption society who he was through just happened to be there the day I came back and they said he had been adopted just that week, while I was out of town. So I missed him. I love my babies and would hate to have to get rid of them. It was probably best I didn't get him though since the two I have keep me busy. But I fell in love with him and wanted him so bad.


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