Monday, May 23, 2005

It's been a few weeks

since I last posted in here. I've been busy but not with anything especially exciting. LOL

Let's see - news - Well Amy announced it a couple weeks ago so I can mention it here... She's pregnant!!! And get this, her due date is December 19, Joey's birthday. Though she insists she will not have her baby that day. She doesn't want Joey to share his birthday with a little brother or sister. So I'm super excited, now I have two babies to buy for, though Amy's baby will have to wait till after Leah (Tommy and Tanya's baby) is born in August. It's their turn to have the baby spoiled rotten, like I did when Amy was pregnant the first time.

But now I need to find time to make TWO baby blankets! I just finished a wedding gift this weekend I was working on, so now I can start the blanket for Leah, but neither one will be ready by the day the baby is born. They'll probably end up getting them for their fist birthdays, like Joey did.

I didn't get my kitten I fell in love with a few weeks ago because someone else adopted him while I was in Salt Lake City (the nerve! He was supposed to be mine! LOL). But then, I really don't need another cat right now anyhow, as much as I'd have loved to have him.

In other cat news, poor Aker has been not doing too well. He's been throwing up way more then seemed healthy to me, and it wasn't hairballs either, so I took him to the vet on Thursday. Except for the getting sick though, he's been acting completely normal, behavior wise... eating as much as ever, just as playful as he always is, and every bit as affectionate. (He's actually taken to sleeping curled up smack against my back at night, which as much as I love him being so close, it's getting really hot down here and that is added heat from his little body. LOL BTW, when I say hot, I mean hot. It was to get up to 98 today and that's what it was yesterday too. And it's not even officially summer yet! And the pool at the apartment isn't open yet.)

Turns out they can find nothing wrong with him to be causing him to be sick so much but he was pretty blocked up and has a bladder infection on top of that. Which explains his habit of not using the litter box every time the past couple weeks. They will do that when they don't feel well, go outside the box, but I just thought it was because the box needed replaced. So now I get to give him antibiotic drops twice a day, which as anyone who has a cat knows, this is NOT fun! I'm ending up with little pink spots on some of my shirts from him spitting it out before he swallows it all.

I've been on the road a bit the past few weeks too. San Marcos last week, Ft. Hood this week and probably Little Rock next week. And these are just the already scheduled trips. I need to make a trek out to Paris and Tyler in the next month or so, among other trips. Ah the life of an Army Reserve Contractor.

And I can't think of anything else to post right now so I won't say anymore.


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