Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Two phone calls yesterday

Mom and Dad are presently in Alaska for one of their dream vacations (and mine too! LOL) They left last Friday really early, at like 5 AM to fly to Alaska. They first week of their trip is a cruise and the second half of their trip is land. I tried to call them Thursday night before they left, even calling really early since I figured they'd go to bed early, but I still missed them. Plus I wanted to wish dad a Happy Father's Day early since they'd be up there over the weekend. I haven't even tried calling since then because I doubted they'd have a signal, at least while out to sea.

Well yesterday they were in Juneau and Mom had a signal on her phone for the first time since they left so she was calling each of us "kids" to say hello. I thought they had traveled with Mom's best friend and her husband since it is a Church trip, but they actually are traveling with a couple from their bowling league they are close friends with. (Sam and Nancy... The ones who helped us plan Dad's surprise birthday party a couple months ago).

Anyhow Mom and Dad are having a BLAST! They've been to shore every day and at sea at night and stopping in different places. So far they've been to Ketchikan and Skagway, and of course Juneau. Today they are to be in Icy Strait Point and tomorrow Hubbard Glacier. Mom got a kick out of the fact that she found out Juneau is actually warmer then Pittsburgh in the winter! At least I think it was Juneau she said that about. I forget now. Yesterday they went on a whale watch and they saw two humpbacks. The one was breaching out at sea, and tossing up it's tail fin and pretty much "playing." The cruise director said that's rare for the adults that usually it's only the calves that do that. But that this one was definitely an adult. That had to be exciting to see. I'd love to see a hump back. She also said they've seen TONS! Of bald eagles since getting there. Yesterday alone they saw about 10, all hanging out around a salmon farm. Apparently they hang out there waiting for the salmon to be released so they can get some free meals. LOL Mom assures me she's taking tons of pictures too. She knows that's my dream vacation and that she better have lots of photos for me! LOL So I'm really excited for them they're having so much fun, even if I'm insanely jealous!

That was the one phone call. The second was from Amy. She called me yesterday to say our cousin Kate had her baby. Jacob Andrew was born at 3:21 PM yesterday and was 6 lbs, and 13 oz (I think it was 13). Amy didn't know the length. That is the first of the many babies this year.... 7 total that I can remember. Kate was first, I think Tommy and Tanya are second, then our cousin Bonnie and our cousin Suzie, then Amy bringing up the rear on family babies. Then my friend Marcy from high school is due this fall, as is a family friend, Kellie who's due in September.

I and the last really cool thing... I saw a fox today! Or I think that's what it was. I've NEVER seen one in the wild before, if you can call the city of Grand Prairie "wild" that is. I was bouncing in the seat in excitement. LOL When I first saw it I thought it was a deer. Then I'm like, it's way too small and the ears are too big to be a deer. So I realized it was a fox. It was a different kind of fox then the small red ones seen up north. I forget what species this one is, but I've seen pictures of it before and heard of them. I want to say a San Joaquin fox is the kind it was, but I'm not positive. I remember there is a kind of fox with a name similar to that found down here.

Anyhow, that was my excitement this AM. I had to come to work WAY early today (I was here at 6:30 because my car had to go to the shop last night to be inspected today and that was the only time I could hitch a ride to get here so I didn't have to sit all day at the car dealer like I do every time I go down there. I'm off on Friday, but I didn't want to waste my day off at the car dealer since I got lots of stuff to do. Like getting all these baby shower gifts in the mail. LOL


At 5:11 PM, Blogger Penelope Marzec said...

I'd love to go to Alaska!

At 2:19 AM, Blogger Annalee Blysse said...

That sounds fun. I used to live in Ketchikan. Love the area.


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