Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Why I totally and completely HATE cops and insurance companies more then ever...

As if all the work nonsense isn't enough. Let me fill you in on my burglary from almost two months ago. This entry starts with details that happened almost two weeks ago now.

I sent everything I needed to send to the insurance agency, or so I thought. And they got the police report. Both the police and the insurance agency got the exact same list of stolen goods. But the insurance agency insists none of the clothing stolen was on the police report, just the jewelry. And I know it is since the list I created for the police is what I generated the list for the insurance from. So they tell me, until the police report is updated to include all the clothing, they will not do anything about it and can't issue me a check. No matter that I TOLD them it's on in the police report (even though I haven't seen it) unless the police screwed up. But of course insurance agents do not know how to talk to police officers so I have to call the police to tell them what they need to do. Well I FLIPPED on the insurance agent, because I'm furious that I've gotten nothing but crap from them and the police since I filed my claim and everyone ignores my calls, no one from the one section of the insurance agency who was to take my statement and my itemized list ever bothered to contact me hence why I went straight to the insurance agency, per their guidance since the other people blew me off. But the very next day after I told the insurance agent this middle man company never bothered to call me, I get TWO phone calls. So I called the insurance agent AGAIN and she said to tell them she handled it all since I got no response from the other guy. This was about 4 1/2 weeks ago. Nothing since then. Until this past week.

I got a letter saying they've sent me several letters in the mail and I've not responded to any of them so if I didn't reply within a week or something like that they were canceling the claim. I kind did this out of order here. LOL So I immediately called them to find out what that was all about. This is when they said oh yeah we got your list, ignore the letter, but by the way... And the whole thing I typed earlier about the clothing not on the police report and all that. And oh yeah why haven't I called that other guy working with them on it to give him all my documentation and give my statement? So I reminded the lady that those people never bothered to call me so that's why I sent the list to her. And that the other guy never called me until AFTER I complained to the insurance, which leads me to believe something was said to him and that's the only reason he called. I called him back just like the insurance agent said to do and told him I sent my list to them. I never heard from him again and now apparently they are holding THAT against me too! Go figure. HE screwed up and I pay for it!

So after I screamed at the insurance agent telling her I'm sick and tired of all this crap and lack of help from them AND the police and she tells me screaming accomplishes nothing I said no it doesn't but it makes ME feel better over their incompetence. Then she gets all condescending to me and I ask her, "So tell me have YOU ever been burglarized? Have YOU ever had someone break into your home, where you are supposed to feel safe and secure, steal your belongings and go through your most personal items?" She says "this isn't about me, it's about you." I'm like Bullshit it isn't. Have you or not? She finally says no so I say how dare she then say she understands how I feel when she hasn't a clue. I said you can't possibly comprehend how it feels unless you've been there so don't sit there and talk down to me like I'm an idiot for being upset and angry. Yeah this is going to do nothing but make things harder for me to get this damn case resolved and get my money but I'm tired of the crap.

So I called the police, actually GOT the detective for a change and ask what's going on with my case. He says "well with no leads, nothing." I asked him if anyone even bothered to talk to the neighbors and he's like why would we do that? GRRRR!!! I said oh I don't know and I'm not a detective but common sense tells me that if someone's home is broken into the first thing the police should do is talk to the neighbors to see if anyone noticed anything suspicious. Guess what he tells me "Yeah that's true but we don't have the time or the manpower to go out and canvas the neighbors. This is just one case in a thousand we have to deal with." NOT a smart thing to say to someone who is already angry and looking to them for help in resolving a crime.

So I got even madder, and asked why none of my clothing stolen was in the police report. He says it is. I'm like oh really? Not what the insurance agent tells me. He said it's in a supplement to the original police report and they probably didn't get that part of it when they got the report. So guess what he tells me next? That I need to call the insurance agent back tell them they need to contact him to tell him they need it and to get the rest of the report and then he'll send it. ME telling him they need it isn't enough, THEY have to tell him. So I try to give him their phone number and he says no can do. He won't call them I have to, as he doesn't have time. So I told him well I guess I better call the insurance agent "so they can tell me to call you so you can tell me to call them so they can tell me to call you again" since they won't talk to each other and I hung up on him. Obviously he's doing she*t to resolve this case.

Two hours later after I calmed down enough to not scream again, I called the insurance agent, left a message that they have to call him themselves and that by the way if they need a statement from me they better have their guy call me. Gee and they wonder why I was furious I'm getting the runaround everywhere.

And every single freakin' year I give money to the police department towards whatever fund it is they are building, retirement or something, I don't remember. Anyhow, next year when they call with the annual plea for my money I'm going to tell them they are not getting another dime from me and I will proceed to tell them WHY. This is TWO cases they blew me off on!

The adjustor, (middle man for insurance? I'm not exactly sure what he does that the insurance company can't do themselves.) finally called me last Tuesday, May 31, at work no less. And he tells me he needs to get my statement and wants to do it right then. I said sorry, no can do, I'm at work after a week out of town, I just got a brand new computer I'm trying to get hooked up and running properly and I just did not have time to talk to him just then and that the whole week was going to be quite busy. So he's like "well when can you talk?" I said it will have to be in the evening this week. So he sighs like it's such a HUGE problem for him and gives me a "well I guess I can rearrange my schedule to make time to call you one night this week." Excuse me, who's fault is it he didn't do his job? Certainly not mine! Anyhow, he called me Wednesday night as I was making dinner and I gave my statement while I made dinner. So who knows how long till I get another phone call or letter that I've not done something I was supposed to?


At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelley, do I appreciate your frustration and anger in your situation. With a life-threatening disease I've had to go through over a year of wrestling, arguing, and playing go-between my health insurance and the hospitals, medical services, etc. in order to get things paid off without putting my family in financial ruin -- which is still threatened. Geri

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Kelley said...

It is probably one of the most frustrating things to deal with... insurance companies of any kind... car, health, renters, etc. Your situation was a lot worse then mine of course though so I can imagine the horrors you've had to deal with trying to get everything resolved so you could have some sort of peace about it all. I hope yours gets all straightened out and you stay in the clear health wise and don't have to worry about it all again.


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