Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day weekend part two

After I got home, I went and changed in to my swim suit to go spend a few hours at the pool. Susan was already there as were some other neighbors I know. I asked Susan if she had Labor Day plans and she didn't so I suggested we do a cook out for us and whatever of the neighbors we know who want to participate. She loved that idea so we started planning it. We called it the "whatever is in the pantry" party since we're all between checks so not having much to go buy a lot for the party. Plus we've both been donating what we could to Katrina relief efforts so that affected our budgets. While we were discussing the plans, a couple more neighbors came over and we ended up doing a spur of the moment cook out Sunday night too. All we had was meat and potatoes, no veggies, but that was what we had available. There was about 5 of us and I had pork chops thawed so I put those in to the pot for available food for dinner. So last minute we threw a BBQ together and we all hung out at Susan's watching TV, playing cards and talking until dinner was ready. After we ate I had to head back though to make the salad I was bringing for the Labor Day party.

Yesterday we all met at the pool about 1:00 or so and Susan brought her grill over for the meat. We all hung out at the pool, just like the day before and the guys did the grilling. We had munchies early on and then we had some sausage to hold us over till the spare ribs were done. There was also an ice cream party the apartment complex was holding so we all had our sundaes for dessert before we even ate dinner. We ate early, about 3:30 or 4:00 and everyone brought something to eat. We had a ball just relaxing together. And we had so much fun one of the neighbors wants to do a burger grill out this Saturday. Which means the next round of hosting is my turn. LOL

So a weekend of no plans ahead of time turned in to a really nice fun one. I'm glad I'm getting to know more of the neighbors enough that we can do spur of the moment stuff like that.


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