Saturday, January 28, 2006

bed is repaired

I am so happy it's fixed because now I can sleep in my nice comfy BIG bed again. Note to self, as soon as I can afford it, get a new mattress and box springs for the twin bed since the current ones are over 30 years old! I got so used to the comfortable bed when I bought it that I quickly realized the one I'd been using for years was in dire need of replacement. And after the past couple months of using it I'm more aware of that than ever. LOL
Why did it take so long? Well I figured it would be something easy to fix myself, just putting the leg back in and realigning the supports. But I needed a good full day to do that since I had to take everything off the bed first and that was the hardest part. Try lifting a mattress by yourself, angling it up and diagonal to get it over the corner posts of the frame, then dragging it off to the side out of the way. Then repeat with box springs. Though that is much lighter weight and easier to maneuver. But I got that fixed at least too. I needed to replace the fabric on the bottom of it since the cats clawed there way through the funky black fabric that was stapled to the box frame. I just bought a plain white flat sheet and stapled it to the frame. Voila! Good as new. That was the easy part. LOL
So I finally about a month ago had a whole weekend free to mess with it. I wanted a whole weekend because I figured I'd take down all the curtains and stuff and wash them and the comforter and everything while I was at it.
Well the metal piece that braced the center leg, had stripped the wood all around it and I couldn't get it to stay in place. I'd screw everything in only to have it fall back out when I turned it over to replace in the bed frame. So I thought they'd have to rework one of the other supports to hold the metal fitting for the leg. Nope. I had tried calling one company, Rent-a-Hubby who I got out of the phone book and when I saw the name I just loved it. LOL But that guy did not seem to inclined to help me out. I called three times and nothing. So I said heck with it and called another company Mr. Handyman. They were able to come today. It took the guy all of 10 minutes to fix, which is all I figured it would take. I just didn't want to play with it too much in case it did need more done to it than I thought. Fortunately the guy who came lives like 10 minutes away so he was nice enough to not charge me for the full hour which is what they usually do. Usually I guess it's a flat fee for one hour then anything over that they break down by 15 minute intervals.
It kills me that I had to pay $50 to do something I probably could have myself, but was afraid I'd be missing something needing done but at least now my bed is fixed! I can sleep in it tonight. And I think this summer after I buy my plane tickets for my trip to the beach with Mom and Dad in July then home for Tommy's wedding in August, I'm going to see if Mattress Firm is having their no interest for a year sale again and replace my mattress and box springs on the twin bed.

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