Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thrive Game night

Well I think I mentioned a little while ago about the new church I started going to and was planning to join? I'm actually missing at least part, if not all of the Steeler game today to go up for my membership interview. Talk about committing! But I AM still wearing my Steelers t-shirt and ball cap so they'll just have to accept that. Good thing this church is so casual so I shouldn't look like I don't belong today. LOL But that's not the subject of this post.

Anyhow, one of the things I like about this church is they have different groups for all ages of adults in all stages of their lives. They have The Point - 20 something singles, Thrive - 30 something singles, and bunches more. Well I am getting to know more people down here after two years, but I don't really know a lot of people my age or at the same stage of their life as me. I wanted to find a group to socialize with where I could meet those people. Enter Thrive. I was exploring the church's website last week and found Thrive. I went to their website, liked what I read so joined their mailing list. About three days ago I got my first newsletter and it just happened to have listed Game Night last night so I decided to e-mail them to ask about it. They responded, and I went to the game night.

Now this group is primarily for Bible Studies, which I'm not really interested in doing right now. So I asked if they minded that I only wanted to participate in the social and community service aspect of things. This was because some of you will remember that dance group I tried to join a few months ago and when I started asking all kinds of questions, like where do my membership fees go and what age group of people and how many come to events, they flat out told me maybe I ought to go find another group as I might not be for them. How rude! So I refused to join that group on principle, s much as I want to find a dance group again. I miss my dancing!

So I was wary about joining another group hence my questions to Thrive about would I be welcome if I don't do Bible Study and all that. The girl I was talking to was very very nice and welcoming so I decided to give it a shot just because she was so nice. I am so glad I went! I h ad a blast!

I got there at 6:00 on the dot, when it was scheduled to start and the only person there was the girl running it, who had been the one I was e-mailing. As soon as I told her my name she knew exactly who I was and was very excited I came and all that. A few minutes after I got there another guy showed up, also a new guy who just went to the church for the first time last week and stayed for the bible study. The regular members all didn't start rolling in till 6:30/7:00. But the few of us who were there got going on a game right away and it was nice to meet some people in dribbles like that. Gave me a chance to talk to them one on one before it got crowded and loud. Stephanie, the girl in charge told me there'd probably only be 15-20 people there when I asked about being overwhelmed with meeting all these new people. Well there was more like 50 by the time the night was over! Of course I only actually met maybe 10 of those, who were all at my table for games. We played something called Wahoo which I'd never played before, then we moved on to Cranium, which I'd never played before but was a blast! I need to buy that game. (BTW, I came in last place both times we played Wahoo though I started out almost in the lead. But my team won at Cranium :-D)

It was a really nice relaxing evening with lots of munchies and drinks and just plain fun. I'm not going to remember all the names of people I met but... (Oh and one guy, one of the first to arrive, looks SO much like Andrew, my long since ex-fiancé, that it was eerie! But he was loads nicer. LOL)

A couple of the guys, and a couple of the girls I got to talk to more and they seem really nice. I may find me some good friends out of this group yet, we'll see. The one guy, the other newbie, Alex, started to walk out with me until I told him I was parked way at the other end of the building (which is HUGE) since I didn't know where I was to be going so just parked where Jim and Karla always do for church on Sundays.

I did have about 4 or 5 of them ask if I was going to start coming to Bible Study on Sundays and I said I wasn't planning to at this time. I just wanted to meet some people to socialize with. They seemed a little disappointed in that but oh well. This group has social event almost every weekend it seems so I like that. I'll go to a bunch of those and meet people that way. The next event is a Super Bowl party at one of the members' house. I'm already planning to go, expecting my STEELERS! to make it that far.

So I had a really good time, met lots of new folks, plan to go back for more events and who knows, maybe eventually I'll go to the Bible Studies too, but I've no interest in that right now. I'm glad I just went ahead and decided to go to Game Night and didn't just stay at home by myself watching TV or playing on the computer.

Oh and the best part? One of the guys there last night is a swing dancer too! I didn't get to meet him last night as he was on the other side of the room, but when I was talking to the people at my table, one of them told me that when I mentioned I used to swing dance all the time. So I made a mental note of the guys face so I can introduce myself to him next time and ask about swing dancing places down here.


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At 12:29 PM, Blogger Shelleen said...

kelley, sounds like a blast at your church. We can't get members to help out for dinners and things let alone for anything like that. Plus there is probably 30 members in our church and 3/4 of them are retired.

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Kelley said...

That's one of the things I liked about this church so much that made me decide to join. It's a very large church with a strong sense of community. They have activities and events going on all the time, and a whole bunch of different groups like the one I joined. And they made me feel so welcome so quickly.


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