Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gretchen Wilson Concert last night

well I went to her concert last night. it was a great show! I had heard she was coming and debated buying tickets but I wasn't sure I liked her enough to spend the $45 per ticket plus parking. So I had decided I wasn't going to go.
Then at work about a week ago we got an e-mail that the Nokia Theater was giving away free tickets to military personnel for the show. I checked to make sure I could participate even though I'm not in the military and I could. :-) So I immediately called Susan to see if she wanted a ticket and I asked Casey if he wanted to go. Casey said yes right away and Susan never called me back. I finally called her again to see if she wanted to go and she said she did. So I got three tickets for myself and I also got the tickets for everyone else in my office who wanted some. We had about 12 altogether.
So yesterday I stayed at work a little late, since the theater is only 10 minutes from work and I went straight to the show. Susan bailed on me last minute (she's "persona non grata" with me right now over this and some other stuff leading up to it but I'm not about to go into it right now. Still too upset with her.) Casey said he'd meet me there since the leasing office didn't close till 6 then he had to go home and change first.
I got to the theater about 7 and walked around a bit (the place is really small, but that's really cool I think. The opening act - Blaine Larson - started at 7:30 on the dot. first time I've ever been to a concert that started EXACTLY on time. I had no idea who he was but he was pretty good. He's only got one single out so far that was just released recently so he did a couple songs from his album but mostly he did cover songs. He's a GOOD-looking guy! Very young looking but a cutie nonetheless.
After Blaine Larson, Van Zant was performing. I thought I knew one of their songs, but it turns out the song I thought was theirs - Boondocks - is not actually by them. I had them mixed up with someone else. LOL These guys were pretty good. They did a bunch of their own stuff, one .38 Special song since the one brother used to play for them. And they did a couple other awesome songs - Sweet Home Alabama being the highlight - and closing song - for their act.
Gretchen Wilson came on about 9:00 and she was fabulous! I'm glad I got free tickets or I wouldn't have gone and I'd have missed a good show. I know her stuff really well and she's one that I do like I just wasn't sure I liked her enough to spend the cost of the ticket. LOL She brought everyone to their feet (well everyone who wasn't already on their feet after Sweet Home Alabama anyhow). She did all her hit songs, except Redneck Woman which of course was her encore song as I knew it would be. She also did several songs by her "heroes" of music. Everything from Loretta Lynn's "You Aren't Woman Enough to Take my Man" to the song "Barracuda" who I can't for the life of me think who sings it. LOL She also did some other songs from her second album. One of the really cool parts was she did this sit down part where she did a song that had a 40s kind of sound to it and all the images on the screen of her performing were done in black and white, to keep to the feel of the song. She even used a 40s style microphone for that song. Then she did a song that reminded me of the type of songs from the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou" or whatever it was called. I think that's the right title... you know the George Clooney movie.
Casey was late getting there and got there just as Blaine Larson was finishing up. I was getting worried there for a bit, wondering if he bailed on me too. After all, Susan had already bailed and then two of my coworkers who had seats with mine never showed up either. I was sitting there thinking for briefly... "Geez I'm such a loser. I can't even get people to go to a concert with me when the tickets are free!" LOL But that was only briefly. I used to go to concerts by myself all the time before I moved because my friends weren't in to the same kind of music as me so I knew I'd have more fun going alone then taking someone who didn't want to be there listening to music they don't even like.
Anyhow, Casey got there and we had a ball. He's so much fun to hang out with.And he's just an all-around nice guy. We'll have to try to make a point to hang out together more because we always have fun. My voice is a little shaky this morning from singing and yelling and screaming last night. LOL
I got home about midnight last night and got to bed about 1 AM. Getting up for work today was not easy and I actually was a little late. Which is not the best thing to begin with plus the fact I need to take a couple hours off this afternoon for a funeral.


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