Sunday, January 29, 2006

more on the bed story

It was SOOO nice to sleep in my good bed again last night! I slept so soundly and so well that I almost didn't hear my alarm this morning to get up for church! I saw Jim and Karla last night at Bingo and told them I'd see them in the morning today. Jim had asked if I wanted them to call me in the morning like usual and I said he didn't have to because I'd have my alarm set. But if we wanted to he still could. :-) Good thing he did! Otherwise I may have not gotten up in time. LOL It was my first really good sleep in a couple months since the whole bed thing started and I guess I was making up for lost time. LOL

Well I happened to see an ad on TV last night that Mattress Firm was doing there no payment/no interest until 2008 sale so I decided to go ahead and pick out a new mattress and box spring for the twin bed since I wouldn't have to worry about payments right away and I knew I'd still have it paid off LONG before 2008. So I got there and guess what? The store right near me is closing so on top of the no interest/payments deal, they were having a closeout sale trying to sell off everything so they don't have to move it to another store. So I lucked out getting even better prices than they always have there.

I had them look up my account knowing they'd have my bed on file that I bought last time so I could pick a bed set for the twin that was similar to mine. I know how comfortable that bed is! LOL Well they had almost the exact same one in the twin size, but it was outrageously expensive. It would have cost as much as my queen bed did! I got a huge deal on that bed because the model I wanted was being discontinued and all that was left was the floor model so I took that and big time discounted prices. Otherwise there's no way I could have or WOULD have bought the bed set I did as it was very good quality so very high priced. Hey what can I say, sleep is the most important activity in my life so I'm willing to spend more for comfort, but not outrageously so. LOL

I got there right as they opened today so I was even able to get same day delivery! My new twin bed set arrived about 10 minutes ago. So now, whenever I actually GET company to stay, they have a mega comfortable bed to sleep in.

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