Sunday, February 12, 2006

Valentine's Dinner last night

Last night was the "Are You Being Served" Valentine's Day dinner with Thrive, my singles group at my church. It was a fantastic evening! The whole idea behind the night was for the guys to do all the work, the decorating, cooking, serving, cleaning up with the sole purpose of making all the women feel special. They did an incredible job! The rooms we used were transformed in to a bower of elegance and romance.

For starters, it was cocktail attire (hence the "what is cocktail attire" post in my blog) so we got to dress up and feel glamorous. And my dress fit the mood... and me... perfectly. LOL When we walked up to the door, one of the guys was at the welcome table where we picked up name tags. He gave each one of the ladies a single long stemmed red rose and we were handed off to one of the others guys who took our arms and led us in to the dinner room. The doorway was filled with streamers and decorations of red, pink, and white. The even pulled out our chairs for us and pushed them in once we were seated. Walking in to the room was beautiful! They had strung white lights up around the room and it was just enough to give good mood lighting and enough we could see well but not too bright.

Every table had white linen table cloths, Hershey kisses and confetti type streamers strewn across them, and a tray or red tea lights in the center providing a sea of light as you walked in the door. The white linen napkins were all perfectly folded and tied with red and white strings and had a rosebud made of Hershey kisses tucked in to them. One of the best things was they even had a "traveling musician." One of the guys plays violin and he floated from table to table, serenading the ladies. Even before we started the bulk of the evening it was probably one of the most romantic dinners I've ever had.

There were individual menus at each lady's seat with a choice of main courses. We had the option of grilled chicken, sausage, pork tenderloin, meat lasagna or vegetable lasagna and we were to choose two main course items. I picked the grilled chicken and meat lasagna. With our dinners we also got a garden salad, half a baked potato and fresh bread and our choice of several beverages. On the table were bowls of tomatoes, cheese and croutons for us to add as we wanted to our salads and we had a choice of two dressings. As if that wasn't enough, we also had home made tiramisu for dessert! The guys had made all the food and everything was absolutely wonderful. I had so much food I couldn't finish my dessert though I ate at least half of it. never am I one to pass up tiramisu. And I swear, this was probably the absolute BEST tiramisu I've ever had!

After dinner we all socialized and they put on some music and a few of the guys were even brave enough to ask some of the ladies to dance. So I danced with a couple different guys and we talked to get to know each other as we did.

What an evening! All the guys looked so dashing in their suits or sports coats and they were so attentive to all the ladies all evening long. My table I sat at was about half people I knew and half I didn't. So it was nice to talk with the ones I've met before and to meet a few new people as well. In all there were probably close to 50 people there. All of the ladies looked so beautiful in their dresses and gowns. And I have to say, more than a couple people were surprised to see me all dressed up! Everyone I've met has always seen me at casual events, where I'm in jeans or khakis and my hair in a ball cap or pulled up in a clip on my head. So they were surprised to see me with my hair all styled and a good bit of makeup. LOL And I really didn't even have much time to get ready. I was busy all day long and had about 45 minutes to get ready. It takes me a full 45 minutes just to put my hair in my curlers! So I was rushing and was about 15 minutes late. I actually forgot a few of the things I had wanted to do for the evening.

We ladies get to return the favor in April at a Sadie Hawkins dinner and it's going to be hard to match these guys! Who knew that all these guys were such romantics at heart? After the dinner some of them were heading out to an "after party" but I came home since I was tired from running all day long and a busy week last week. But what an incredible evening we had! I was blown away by the attention to detail by everyone and how fabulous of an evening they created to give all the ladies a memorable evening.

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At 9:55 AM, Blogger Shelleen said...

Your Valentines dinner sounded so awesome! I am so glad that you had a good time and am impressed by everything that the guys did :-)

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Penelope Marzec said...

What a wonderful evening! I find it amazing that the guys could accomplish all that. :^)

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Sonia said...

Kelley, that's great, it sounds like a really fun and "lovely" evening.

At 8:32 PM, Blogger Kelley said...

Thanks y'all. It was a fabulous evening and the guys outdid themselves! How we ladies are going to top that when we get our turn in April I have no idea.


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