Thursday, August 10, 2006

Long overdue report on my beach vacation in July

Yes I'm LONG overdue since I just got back from my second vacation. LOL So this won't be very detailed. LOL


Well I flew to Myrtle Beach on July 1st and spent the week there with Mom and Dad, Amy, Dave, and the boys. I got there about 3 in the afternoon or so and everyone but Mom and Dad were at the pool or beach. I didn’t hit the water that day but I hunted them all down and got a big WET hug and kiss from Joey, soaking the whole front of me. LOL Not too long after that, everyone came up to the condo to get their showers and all. That night we went to dinner at a very good steak house and I discovered my new favorite alcoholic beverage – a Hypnotini! What pray tell is that? It’s a new alcohol called Hypnotique, which is sorta fruity flavored. That was mixed with white cranberry juice, blue Curacao and another kind of juice I’m forgetting…pineapple maybe. Anyhow, it was YUMMY and I had a couple throughout the week. In the drink was a blue glow stick which Joey especially loved. LOL


We did a little shopping that night, window shopping for most of us. Mom did end up buying Vera Bradley purses for herself, me, and Amy though and I have to say I LOVE that purse! This designer hasn’t quite caught on down here yet, but her popularity is growing so we may see her stuff here yet. LOL


Tuesday I hit the beach and began my week of reading and relaxing. I got lots of sun, lots of sleep, and read several books throughout the week.


Tuesday was also the 4th of July. So we spent the day at the beach, had dinner, and came back to the condo to watch fireworks. SOOO many people shoot them off on the beach we didn't need to go anywhere for a fantastic display. Every night on the beach there are fireworks by tourists, but Tuesday was the most all week long for obvious reasons.


Monday or Wednesday (I forget which LOL) I think was the day we went to this Italian restaurant dad found on one of his trips there and it was absolutely delicious! I had linguine with red clam sauce, which I’ve eaten many many times. This was the first time though that the clam meat actually was put on my dinner still in the shells. A few years ago, I’d have refused to eat that (I don’t like eating things that look like they do when alive. LOL) but eating sushi as much as I do now, I’ve gotten used to trying things that are different than the norm for me. I ate every single bite of that meal and it was really good.


Wednesday we women (and children) went to the outlet malls and the men went golfing. Thursday was more beach time and Friday we went shopping again, I think it was that day anyhow, and the men golfed again. On this trip I discovered the store Stein Mart and have a new favorite store! Fortunately there’s one only about 15 minutes from where I live. Between the two shopping trips, I ended up buying way more than ever anticipated. Found a dress for Tommy’s wedding, a couple skirts and shirts I liked, not one but TWO pairs of shoes for the wedding, a new suitcase to replace mine that is falling apart due to excessive usage the past several years LOL, several books from a small press publisher I like that is hard to find in brick and mortar stores, and a gorgeous faery figurine to add to my collection.


Saturday and Sunday were more beach days. Amy, Dave and the boys left Sunday morning. Sunday, later in the morning, my aunt uncles, two of their daughters, and one daughter’s friend arrived. They were spending the second week there with mom and dad. So that was nice because this is Uncle Les and Donna, who sort of “adopted” me when I went to college out in Doylestown since they lived close by. I used to see them at least once a year at family reunions and such, but this was the first time I’d seen them since moving to TX. So I got to spend the day with all of them and Uncle Les came with us to the airport Monday for me to fly back to TX.


And that is my breezed over report on my July vacation to Myrtle Beach. We did have a HUGE thunderstorm the one afternoon and I got some AWEsome pictures of it with my digital camera. You can even see the rain falling far off in the distance on some of them. I’ll have to post some of those to my blog later on.


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