Monday, December 20, 2004

My car was stolen!!!

Yes you read that right. It really WAS stolen. And here is the Dusty story as to why I did not hear from him on Saturday.

Well to make a long story slightly shorter, his car has a lot of problems with it and he really shouldn't be driving it at all. But he has no alternatives so he has been chancing it. I had told him her could use my car while I was gone as much as he wanted as long as I got a full tank of gas when I got it back. This way too he could take his car to the shop and leave it overnight and he'd still have a way to get to and from work since he had my car.

Well he was on his way to his party Saturday night and stopped at a gas station for a bottle of water to drink. In the time he was inside, my car was nabbed! He was stranded in a not-so-good part of Dallas until the gas station person was kind enough to drive him home. His cell phone was in the car, his check card was in the car, the apartment keys were in the car. So he finally got home to his place Saturday night and got someone to give him a ride to my apartment complex Sunday afternoon, which is where his car was.

But this story gets better...

He couldn't get in to the apartment because the key was in the car and the leasing office wouldn't grant him access. So he called me Sunday afternoon, about 4:30 here, from the leasing office, broke the news to me, awaited me to scream at him, which he was surprised I did not do. (What good would it do? The car was stolen I'm half a country away and he had none of the info on the car to report it stolen yet. Besides, he was beating himself up so bad already he didn't need more from me.)

So I had to talk to the leasing office on the phone and they told me they had to have written permission before they'd let him in. I asked if an e-mail would do and they said yes. So I promptly e-mailed them to give him access to my apartment. And I was thinking ahead. I also wrote in that message that he had permission to receive both copies of the key for the new lock to my door AND that he had permission to get a new remote for the gate so he could get in and out.

I also gave him all of the info on my car so he could call the cops and report it stolen. I called my insurance company to report it and told them he'd be calling with the details since I had none of them from the actual incident. So he did all that and called me back with my claim number and police report number and all that stuff I needed to know. Poor guy... His car was just stolen maybe 6-8 weeks ago and they found his somewhere, totaled. So he was pretty upset that now it was my car and was kicking himself for not driving his own to the party.

And after we got all the business stuff done regarding the claims, I lightened the mood by saying "well I guess your Christmas party was a bust huh?" He just started laughing, which was my whole reason for saying that and then we both were able to relax a little... considering the circumstances.


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