Sunday, April 16, 2006

I just LOVE Spring!

That is the most wonderful time of year for me! Everything is new and fresh and waking up from its long winter sleep! I can't think of any other time of year that is such a beautiful time of rebirth and renewal with little miracles every day. Such a reminder of a greater power than ourselves.

How can anyone NOT love spring? The blue bonnets are brilliantly poking up all over the place and along the highways, as are so many other types of wild flowers. Everything is fresh and green and even smells clean. And the GREEN! I always forget just how many millions of shades of green there are until all the trees start unfurling their new leaves and flowers pop up everywhere amid leaves of green ranging from bright jade green to grass green to pale yellow green.

When the wind blows right you just inhale the scents of so many kinds of flowers intermingled together that can never be recreated. Every year is different, but every year is the same too. Some years spring greets us earlier in the year, others it comes late, but we never have to doubt that it WILL come.

I guess that is why I love Easter so much. There is no better holiday for representing renewal of all things good and wonderful then Easter in the spring. We are reminded by looking out the window of the miracle of life and love. And sacrifice even. We spend hours tending to our flowers trying to make them even more perfect, sacrificing our free time to tend to new life. And then of course Easter itself representing the greatest sacrifice of all and the most amazing symbol of new life we can ever experience.

The only thing I can even imagine coming close to this feeling is a mother giving birth and seeing her newborn baby for the first time.

How can anyone not appreciate this time of year for the fabulous thing it is?

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