Sunday, April 23, 2006

Phantom of the Opera... again... sorta

I went to the Pocket Sandwich Theater (PST) tonight to see Phantom of the Opera with a bunch of friends for a surprise birthday party. And yes, party guy was suitably surprised. LOL There were 15 of us total who went and it was an experience.

Now before I go any farther, let me explain PST to you. This was my first time going but what an experience. If you like watching plays that are complete and total spoofs and you enjoy food fights (just popcorn permitted for the fighting though), then this is the place for you. It's a dinner theater with a twist. The whole point of this place is to laugh your head off, heckle the actors, and watch some complete and total on-purpose over-acting and bad acting. My goodness I did not stop laughing all night long!

We arrived about 5:30 as the birthday boy was going to be arriving shortly after that. The doors opened at 5:30 and we had reservations for our group (right smack front and center - all the better for popcorn throwing my dears.) They serve dinner first (and this place is best known for their, yes you guessed it "pocket sandwiches" i.e.. pitas). So I ordered the pocket sandwich with turkey that was quite good (and relatively inexpensive) and followed it up with this really yummy apple dessert ala mode with caramel. Anyone who knows me knows one of my favorite desserts is apple pie with ice cream and caramel and this dessert was pretty much that.

Anyhow, we all ate dinner then the popcorn comes out. They deliver little trays full of popcorn for every two people for throwing at the stage, each other, complete strangers, etc etc. Of course you can always buy as much as you want in addition to that. :-) And yes they have RULES for popcorn etiquette. no dirty corn, no corn that's been on the floor, no corn is anything but clean and dry. So of course, this was the perfect opportunity for our inner children to come out and play. We were screaming yelling, throwing popcorn like mad at everyone and their mother. And this all before the actual play even started.

Then the show starts, Phantom of the Opera, and it is absolutely hilarious! All the actors go over and above board, except the one who delivered every single line totally deadpanned and straight faced, which made it all the funnier in the midst of hilarity from everyone else.

Totally cheesy, totally corny (no this pun was not intentional. LOL I just caught it as I was editing before mailing), totally silly, and one of the best evenings I've had in a long time. A big group of friends and a few new acquaintances, relatively inexpensive, and a laugh riot. Heck it was even more amusing to see all of us dropping popcorn out of our clothing and hair as we trekked out to our cars.

I am SO going back to this place again in the near future!

My brother and sister would totally get a kick out of this. (Yes dear siblings of mine, if you ever find time and finances in your busy schedules to come visit me we are definitely going here!)


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At 5:56 PM, Blogger Shelleen said...

That place sounds like so much fun. Wish they had something like that here.

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Kelley said...

It was a blast! I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Even if I was still finding dropped bits of popcorn this morning. LOL


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