Friday, May 05, 2006

How well do you know me??

For instance, did you know...? 

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1.  Environmental Scientist/Specialist/etc
2.  Retail Sales/Management
3.  Fast Food cook (at my college, not McD's or any place like that, but still fast food)
4.  Third Shift Retail Stock worker
 Four movies I could watch over and over
1.  Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
2.  Anne of Green Gables (Finally had to buy it on DVD after almost wearing out my VHS I've had for years)
3.  Phantom of the Opera
4.  Gone with the Wind
Four places I have lived:
1.  Bethel Park, PA
2.  Doylestown, PA (college dorm)
3. Irving, TX
4. Greentree, PA
Four TV shows I love to watch: 
1.  Gilmore Girls
2.  Alias
3.  Smallville
4.  LOST

FOUR places I have been on vacation: 
1.  Italy
2.  Myrtle Beach South Carolina
3.  Switzerland
4.  Disney World

Four websites I visit daily: 
1. My Yahoo
2. Amazon
3. Yahoo Mail
4. My Space (almost every day)

Four of my favorite foods: 
1.  Tortilla Chips and Salsa
2.  Sushi
3.  Stuffed Green Peppers
4.  Mom's Navy Bean Soup

Four places I would rather be right now: 
1.  Sitting by the pool with my book (if it weren't dark out!)
Four friends who I've tagged that I think will respond 
1.  not tagging anyone


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