Sunday, April 01, 2007

up close and personal with a bald eagle!

Yep I got to do that today. L and I went down to Arlington for this festival I found out about completely by accident.
It's a big market/show that only happens once a year here in Dallas for one weekend. I had heard them mention it on my radio station and looked it up online. Sounded like a lot of fun so I called L to see if she was free to go this weekend. Today she was able so we made plans to head down immediately after church. We met at the church for the service and left right from there.
It was great and I wish I had money! I saw a TON of gorgeous jewelry I'd have loved to buy as well as some beautiful artwork. But I resisted. LOL They also had dancers, singers, musicians, and there were a few actors from different movies floating around somewhere too. Didn't find them though. Probably because I didn't think to print the schedule of events for the day and take it with me. And of course you could buy some different kinds of traditional American Indian fare you could eat and of course some of the usual food you find at fairs everywhere.
Then I saw they had a few birds of prey there and I just LOVE raptors! They had a barn owl, a hawk though I forget what kind they said it was. AND a bald eagle! I've seen eagles in the zoo before but that's still something of a distance. (Always previously injured ones who cannot be released in the wild anymore. The laws protect them from being captured and kept at zoos and such unless the bird would not survive on its own.) They were selling pics with the eagle for ten bucks. So of course I had to get one! My God! Those are absolutely AMAZING creatures! Beautiful! I see them on TV and stuff all the time but there's nothing like seeing one from six inches away! And huge! And their beaks look wicked sharp! I so badly wanted to reach out and touch the bird's head but they can be so unpredictable even ones relatively "tame" like that one was, so I didn't. That and we weren't allowed anyhow. (Can you tell I was excited from all the exclamation points?) I called L over who tried to stay out of the picture but I wouldn't let her. LOL And the guy with the eagle put the bird right between our heads and it was literally only a few inches away from my nose. They are so amazing to see like that.
I've always loved eagles because of what they stand for and because of their history and near extinction and they are just so incredibly majestic. So in the next day or two I'll be scanning the picture in and posting it on My Space and maybe a few other places as well.

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At 12:54 AM, Blogger Kelley said...

Yes I still owe the picture I promised. I did get it scanned into the computer. I just need to upload it!


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