Monday, March 05, 2007

my camping trip (Feb 22-25) - first night

Yes I know you've all been on pins and needles waiting to hear all about it. LOL
I ended up taking a half day last Thursday so I could go home and finish packing and get the kids all taken care of with clean litter boxes, plenty of food and water, etc. I had to be at M's by 7:00 so we could load her truck with all our stuff and her dog and head out to pick up the other two girls coming with us Thursday night. The other two had to work till about 7 so we figured on plenty of time with me being at M's by 7. As it turned out, H and J said they'd be ready by 8 so since M and I were both very hungry (neither of us had eaten hardly anything all day) we hit the drive thru for some dinner on our way to pick up the others. Still we had lots of time so we drove slowly to J's, which ticked off others on the highway here in Dallas where NO ONE goes the speed limit (and we weren't even poking along, we stuck to the speed limit. LOL)
There was a little bit of nervousness on M's part as to whether or not we'd be able to fit everything, plus two dogs (J was bringing her dog too) but we all kept the luggage to a minimum so we were good. heck we were going camping, not like we needed designer shoes/clothes/makeup or anything. LOL We all had plans to be uber-casual all weekend long. we got on the road about 9:00 I guess it was and it was a good 5 hour + drive. J and H were hungry after working their respective 12 hour shifts (both are nurses in different depts but the same hospital) so about 11:30 or so we made a Taco Bell drive thru stop. Nothing like Taco Bell at midnight. LOL
I fell asleep at one point and slept about an hour or so and I guess while I was asleep J and H fell asleep too. Poor M had to struggle alone to keep awake since she was driving when we were all supposed to help her stay awake. LOL
About 1:30 or so we all needed a bathroom break so we stopped at a Wal Mart to make use of the rest room. This is where the night gets REALLY amusing! Neither dog was on a leash since we were in the car and when J let her dog out, Maren took off running all over the parking lot (and she's FAST!) unfortunately for us, someone was coming out of Wal Mart at that particular moment so Maren took off running for the door and ran IN to Wal Mart. There was a moment where we're all like "no she's not going to" then an "OH shit she IS!" We all ran after her, M being closest to the door with Chelsea (her dog trotting along behind her) and all of a sudden she cries "No Maren! Don't do it!" It doesn't come across near as funny typed out but the voice she used made it so hilarious that after the fact we were all doubled over laughing about it. So M ran in the doors, Chelsea still on her heels and the Wal Mart folks are yelling "don't let the other dog in too!" M had hoped that maybe if Maren saw Chelsea she come back out. But they stopped just inside the door and we're all calling Maren. She had made a beeline for the bakery section (probably smelled the fresh bread) and when she turned to go around a corner, one of the employees caught her. Well since we were all tired and slap happy this particular occurrence kept us in stitches the rest of the way to the cabin.
We arrived at the cabin about 2 AM and set about unloading the truck and getting all the beds situated since 6 more people would be arriving Friday night. It also gave the dogs a chance to run around and let off some excess energy. M's dog is a 10 year old Golden Retriever so doesn't move quite so well anymore (bad hips) but J's dog is a cute little mutt that who knows what all breeds she is and is only three so she had TONS of energy to burn. So the dogs ran around a bit and we all settled down to go to sleep about 3:30.

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