Monday, December 11, 2006

I think I've finally lost it...

Yes super mega busy me has just committed to something ELSE for next year! LOL I've been hearing all year long from one of my book groups about The 100 Book Challenge Harlequin Books had going on for 2006. Everyone who signed up is supposed to read 100 books in the year and at least 50% are supposed to be from any of the Harlequin lines. I didn't know about it this year which is probably a good thing. LOL But I asked if they were doing it again next year and my friends who had participated said yes there'd be another one for 2007.

100 books in a year? Not a problem. We can count audio books too so I'm easily over 100 in a year. The problem part comes from the fact 50% minimum must be Harlequin books. Now don't get me wrong I DO read several of the Harlequin lines and I enjoy them when I do. The problem is in the fact that the majority of what I read every year is review books. And getting on Hquin's review list is HARD! I've tried several times. But my websites I've reviewed at weren't big enough for Harlequin to be willing to send us books. I do get several review copies from a couple lines through several author friends. But is that enough to reach 50% minimum? Not even close. LOL I buy tons of Hquins every month I just never get around to reading them with my review books that pile up.

So... Powers-That-Be in the review world for Harlequin... if you're reading this, please consider me for your reviewers list! I'll even give you a list of the lines I enjoy so you can let me review those! LOL Think they'll listen? Probably not.

So for me the hardest part of the challenge will be making time to read enough Harlequins to qualify. The good part? Participants in the 100 Book Challenge get an extra discount on books purchased from Harlequin's website. Since most of my Hquin books purchased are through the website (I love the buy a month in advance option!) anyhow, that's good news for my pocketbook.

The other hard part is I think we're required to blog weekly about our reads. I guess that helps to keep everyone on track to see if they're meeting their goals. Lordy! I don't even write in my own blog weekly! I'll have a stretch where I write in it religiously and then I get busy with other things and will forget sometimes for a month or more to blog. So now I have to make sure I post at least weekly to remain a participant. And since everyone participating in the challenge is to blog about them, I'll be reading more blogs regularly too.

WHAT was I thinking?!? But I committed so I'll follow through just like always and hopefully I'll make my goals. Besides, this is me we're talking about. The crazy woman who never seems to be happy unless she's insanely busy!

And I don't even have all the rules and details yet for it.

Hey, I always do enjoy a good challenge....

Current reads:
Print - A Killing Tide by PJ Alderman
eBook - Solstice Heat by Judy Mays
Audio in car - The Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah
Audio everywhere else - The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman


At 7:38 AM, Blogger Shelleen said...

I have been waiting for you to post the Halloween pics and I loved looking at them. You all had a such great time and neat ideas for costumes.
Good luck with the reading challenge. I used to read harlequin romantic suspense but they all started being the same to me and I gave them up. Keep us updated on your challenge.


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