Sunday, October 22, 2006

newspaper comics

I was a big Sunday comics person when I was little but got out of the habit after the ones I liked started disappearing. Well one comic that I DID miss reading was For Better or For Worse. I hadn't read it in years and then about a year ago, I realized Yahoo had it available as one of the comics you could put on your My Yahoo page. So I added it. I have a couple others on the page too but FBOFW is the only one I have to read EVERY single day. And if I miss one, I have to go back through the archives to read them.
I missed SOOO much over the years I didn't read it. Unlike most comic characters, these characters actually grew up and the kids have started having kids of their own. And it's so interesting becasue they are so real, experiencing life like we do. So I've now beomce a FBOFW junkie again. LOL I had to get my daily dose today and it's a kind of sad story going on right now. Ellie's (the mother of the family) father Jim just had a stroke so now her whole family is dealing with how it affects them. And Iris, his second wife (Ellie's stepmom) is really the strongest character right now. I was reading today's and Jim is frustrated that he can't do everything himself anymore and Iris just wants to help him. Well, one part actually made me teary-eyed today! She's telling Jim that even if he did have a stroke, he can still do anything he wants to do. Then you see his little thought balloon that all he's thinking about is how he wishes he could hug his wife. The next picture she reaches out to give him a big hug, like she read his mind. You can even see the little smile on Jim's face. I couldn't help it, I teared up because it was so touching.
Isn't it funny how something like a comic strip can affect us?


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Penelope Marzec said...

I read that one every day, too. It is just like real life.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Racy Li said...

Oh my gosh! I used to love that comic! Thanks for letting me know about that yahoo service! I'm going to look into getting it right now!


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