Monday, August 28, 2006

rain rain please DON'T go away and please still come another day

Woo Hoo! Yes we got RAIN!!! and it still isn't done! We need it so badly.

Rain started yesterday afternoon as I was leaving a meeting after church. my first thought was "Oh great there goes my relaxing day by the pool." Then I realized what I was thinking and gave myself a mental slap! LOL How can I possibly be upset we got the rain we've desperately needed for so long?

The lakes and rivers are extremely low and it's sad to see them all slowly drying up. it's not quite as noticeable when driving or walking by except in some cases. but seeing it from overhead as I was flying to and from my vacations this summer, you could really see how bad it's gotten. From that high up the water marks of where the levels should be and where they are, are so obvious that no one can miss the significance.

And as I was driving to Little Rock last week for work, I was amazed at all the areas of previous brush fires I drove past. All back and forth across I-30 there were patches everywhere that all the trees and greenery was dead and you could see all the charring on the ground and the tree trunks from the fires. it was terrible to see. And I just kept thinking I was so glad I didn't have to be driving there while the fires were burning. Brush fires are fairly common down here, but made worse these past two summers due to no significant precipitation.

So after a couple seconds of being disappointed I couldn't lounge by the pool all afternoon I decided to sit by the window and just watch the rain for a while. And today it's supposed to rain all day long, maybe tomorrow too.

Another positive thing about the rain is we have now dropped BELOW 100+ degrees finally! Only the low 90s for the next couple days. And yes that still sounds so hot, but it's raining so it doesn't feel that warm out.

I really hope this steady rain lasts a few days because it's a good soaking rain but not a downpour. So we get the constant steady flow which will do wonders for the parched earth and hopefully fill up those sadly depleted lakes and rivers.

So I say BRING ON THE RAIN! I was even tempted to revert to childhood for a little while yesterday and just stand outside in the rain, and dance around in excitement that we are finally getting some rain.


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