Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shakespeare in the Park

Last overdue message… J

A couple weeks ago, my singles group went to see Shakespeare in the Park. The show we saw was Midsummer Night’s dream, and it was the last night it was being performed. That is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays so I was excited to see it. And this was a very different version of the play it was performed as a musical!

King Oberon was dressed like a 70s rock star, complete with big hair and wild clothes. Titania was a woman with a fabulous R&B/soul sound kind of voice and appearance. Puck was hilarious, and was also dressed like a rock star, in black and white pants, no shirt, and a funky hat. There were even back up singers, random fairies, wearing micro mini hot pink dresses and bright white go-go boots. Bottom was a Latin American guy, in a landscaper’s uniform and he was a riot! The rest of Bottom’s troupe reminded me of, oh heck I’m blanking on their name, the guys who sing “YMCA.” There were nerds, the sleazy looking guys who think they are God’s gift to women but really aren’t, and then some.

The performance was incredible and everyone had fantastic voices. They stuck to the script of the play very well, just changing it in the parts where they had the songs.

We even had a pretty impressive nature show in the background. Way in the distance, behind the stage from our angle, there was heat lightning all night. So we had the backdrop of the lightning flashes and light which made the evening gorgeous.

There was a good number of folks who went, probably 20 or so, though we split into two groups after getting there due to lack of space for our whole group. We all brought drinks and munchies, and there were even a couple bottles of wine passed amongst our crew.

It turned out to be a gorgeous evening, lots of fun, very relaxing, and a great time to just hang out and visit with each other. It gave me a chance to talk to a couple folks I had not met before, or have no had much opportunity to talk to in the past. I SO want to do that again!


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