Thursday, August 10, 2006

Boston and Tommy's wedding. Part 1

Here is the most important blog of all the ones posted today. J

I flew to Pittsburgh last Tuesday, and of course dad met me at the airport. Mom was going to come too, with Joey and baby Tommy, but Tommy had fallen asleep just before they had to leave, so Mom stayed home so she didn’t need to wake him up. But as soon as I got to Mom and Dad’s, I got plenty of time in with the boys! It was a full house that night too. My cousin David stays a one or two nights a week at their house, so he was there that evening too.

Amy had made appointments for all of us for manicures and/or pedicures so we headed over to the nail salon for that. I had just gotten a pedicure before leaving, so I just got a manicure, which is a mess by now. LOL I took my book with me though (of course) so I read while I wanted for the other three to finish up. After that, I had to get some adjustments made on my cell phone, (new phone, not sure of a few things on it) so I had to go to the mall for that. Plus we all had a couple things we needed to go there, so we malled it that night.

Wednesday I rode up to Boston with Mom and Dad. Tommy and Tanya and Leah were already there as a friend got married the weekend before them. Susan and Amy were flying to Boston that night. Ten hours in the car later, we made it to the hotel, and my Aunt Claudia, Uncle Dave, and cousin Jeanie with her girls were already there, having arrived the day before. We arrived jus tin time for dinner so after getting settled in, we all went to a local sea food restaurant for dinner. I had tuna steak with wasabi topping for my dinner. It was nice to see my relatives again since the last time I saw them was last August.

Thursday we went on a whale watch. Well most of us did. Mom and Dad decided to spend the day with Tommy and Tanya, learning where the church, reception, and rehearsal dinner restaurant were. So off we went, bright and early to the Boston Aquarium, where we had to meet for the boat for the whale watch. We lucked out and had a wonderful day for this (though it was bloody HOT!) We saw a TON of whales, three different kinds, and some were right smack next to the boat. So close we could even see them under the water. I got some AWEsome photos during the whale watch.

After we finished up on the whale watch, we went to Fanueil Hall and had lunch at the Cheers replica bar, where we all took turns getting our pictures taken with Norm. LOL We also did a bit of shopping too.

Then we went back to the hotel and most everyone went swimming. I didn’t though because I wanted to take a shower before meeting Sonia for dinner. I’m gong to cover the dinner in a separate post too.

Friday morning we went on a guided tour of Freedom Trail. We only covered part of the trail but it was fun, especially since last time I did it was over 20 years ago! It rained that morning so we got soaked. But it stopped just in time for the tour so we weren’t as miserable as we could have been.

After the tour we ended up at Fanueil Hall again and ate lunch in the food court. More like food mall though! You could travel all around the world in there. LOL I went to Poland for lunch and Italy for dessert. (Kielbasa with sauerkraut for lunch and chocolate chip cannoli for dessert). After that we headed back to the hotel as we all needed to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Well most of us anyhow.

So we then headed to the church for the rehearsal, then we went to the restaurant for dinner. We got back pretty late, so my relatives he drove in that day we didn’t get to see until Saturday morning.

Next post will be the wedding…


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