Friday, August 11, 2006

Dinner with Sonia Thursday night last week

Thursday I had the chance to finally meet up with Sonia for the first time since our cruise, which, after some thinking we realized will be FIVE years in crazy is that?  Wow, time sure flies.
Sonia got to the hotel about 6:30 and I came out with Tommy to meet her in the hotel lobby. Sonia liked Tommy right away, thought he was very friendly and nice, and seemed to be completely excited about his upcoming wedding and totally in love with his wife to be.  After everything he's been through, Sonia was happy to meet him at such a happy time in his life. :D  Then I took her around and she met all the family. She met Dad, Tanya and Leah, who was adorable as always.  She waved to Sonia the entire time we were with them and Sonia just loved that.  Then I introduced her to mom, Susan and Amy, and on the way out, Aunt Claudia, Jeanie and the girls, and maybe Uncle Dave too, I can't remember if she met him or not. 
From there we headed out to a sushi restaurant that Quentin recommended.  We drove past it three or four times because even though we were looking for it, we were so deep in conversation that we completely missed it.  Then we drove around in circles for a bit, looking for a parking space, and had one "stolen" right from under our  But we finally just parked in a garage, and headed to the restaurant.  The restaurant was called Fuji's and was really cute and contemporary in its decorations.  There was a large bar, with two flat screen tvs, a bunch of tables and a sushi bar in the back.  The ladies room was BRIGHT pink, with some really funky faucets.  Very cute place.  It also seemed to be the "happening spot" for a Thursday night, it was packed.
We ordered a WIDE assortment of sushi, each of us trying something new, and some miso soup, and edamame.  The food was all excellent.  I actually think the sushi itself was some of the best I've ever had.  And the prices were really reasonable too.  We even had dessert, although, it was a bit chilly in the restaurant, and we ordered ice cream, so it was too cold for Sonia to finish hers. ;-)  The temperature outside had actually dropped FINALLY that night, so that was good.
We had a wonderful time chatting non-stop all night long.  We get along wonderfully and I think we both wish we lived closer, because we'd hang out a LOT if we did. We talked about everything from family, and work, to men, and cooking, and books and tv shows.  We finally left about 9;45 since Sonia had an hour's drive home.
Then we still drove around for another 20 minutes or so, because we got slightly misplaced (never lost, we found our way soon enough), and continued to chat away.
It was SOOO nice to get to see each other after so much time!


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