Saturday, August 12, 2006


Well I had to break down and do it yesterday....

Buy new clothes I mean. :-) I've gained a lot of weight in the past year and most of my pants are too tight. (I tell ya, it's all those lunches at a really good Mexican restaurant by work. Those tortilla chips had to be a big part of it. LOL) I've been trying really hard to resist buying new clothes because I'm bound and determined to lose these extra lbs again. I did buy a few pairs of shorts this year but I was really good and bought minimal number of pairs, just enough to get me through summer.

What did it is I'm probably going two-steppin' tonight with a bunch of friends from my singles' group and I realized nothing I have appropriate for dancing fits! That made me realize that none of my pants for winter will probably fit either. So I had to get something that does. I've been trying SO hard to minimize spending too. Well anyhow, New York and Company has a sale right now on almost all their pants and jeans. Buy one pair regular price, get a pair for $15 (which is less than half price for most of them). So I went in and tried on a ton of pants. Found several pairs that fit pretty well and weren't outrageously priced. Fortunately most of my tops still fit since I don't carry my weight there, so I only needed pants. I went with the real basics and bought few pairs to take home. Got a couple pairs of jeans too.

It KILLED me to have to do this because even with the sale, I didn't exactly get out of their especially cheap. But the good news is now I have a few pairs of pants that fit comfortably to get me through winter. AND I have something I won't be embarrassed to wear if I do make it out dancing tonight with everyone.

It just reinforced for me too that I need to start exercising again! It's too unbearably HOT right now for me to even think about it (we're talking 25+ days in the triple digits this summer so far) but as soon as it cools off and gets back in to the 80s or so, I'm going to have to commit myself to some heavy duty exercising and watching what I eat if I hope to get rid of most, if not all, of this extra "baggage" by summer time.


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