Thursday, August 31, 2006

Some people are such idiots

Some random guy contacted me over IM tonight. Saw my profile and saw I support the soldiers in the military and saw that my job is listed as an Environmental Scientist. So he proceeded to tell me I'm a hypocrite because I support the military and claim to be an environmental advocate. says all the military cares about is destroying things and blowing things up and don't give a damn if they trash the environment.

Doesn't matter that we follow all the same laws and regs as everyone else, and that lots of times we are held to stricter standards because of the government's "deep pockets." Doesn't matter that my entire job is all about making sure military activities are as protective of the environment as is humanly possible. Doesn't matter that the military is as much, if not more, about rebuilding and assisting others than blowing people and places up for the hell of it.

Then he goes on to attack me and say we support nuclear power in spite of the fact it is more damaging to the environment than helpful. (Which by the way, no one I've come in contact with in regards to the Reserves has ever heard of any of the facilities they work with having anything to do with nuclear power.

Then he says "but of course you know everything since you work with it all the time." So he's "not going to bother me anymore."

And of course all of these attacks came while I was in the middle of something else and not able to read them immediately or I'd have blocked his name before he could go in to all this crap about me personally destroying the world. All because I have on my profile a big bold message saying I thank the military for all they do and for protecting our rights etc etc and dare to have the nerve to call myself an "environmental scientist."


Like I said in the subject line, some people are such idiots.


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Elaine Corvidae said...

People are all kinds of looney. ::rolls eyes:: I work in environmental conservation (when I'm not writing), and yeah, you get nut cases of all stripes.

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Driver1866 said...

Were it not for the gallacticaly stupid, we would never know who the smart people are and who should practice birth control.

Don't Let the moron bother you.
BTW, are you responsible for my NBC Gear! Good Good That stuff is like wearing a sauna ;)
Lots of Love and All The Best,

At 12:52 AM, Blogger Kelley said...

thanks Frank and Elaine. It's nice to know not everyone out there is an idiot and that there are folks out there who totally understand where I'm coming from and have similar feelings.


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