Tuesday, October 10, 2006

what a weekend

I had quite the busy weekend this past week. It started with a group of my friends heading out to Cowboys Arlington to go dancing Friday night. I had a long week last week, with many late nights and I knew the weekend would be a killer on top of that. So, since it was a holiday weekend and hardly anyone was around at work, I left about 1:00. had a bunch of errands to run and I knew I had to take a nap or I'd never make it through the weekend. So I got home from my running around about 3:30, laid down about 4;00, and slept for 3 1/2 hours. This gave me just enough energy to make it through a night of dancing.
Headed down to the club and got there about 10:00. Several folks were already there so I was happy to see I was not going to be sitting there alone for awhile waiting for everyone else to show up. Had a great night and we had about 10-12 people show up before the night was through. I got several dances in, got to partner up for the first time for a couple songs with some of the guys who come with us when we go dancing. I left about 1:00 when my energy from my nap wore off. but of course as most people have experienced themselves, dancing actually energizes many of us, so I couldn't sleep when I got home. Went to bed about 3:00 AM.
I slept till about 10:30 Saturday morning, and mostly lazed around the house for a while. I did get some laundry done, and some web site work, and a little cleaning, but mostly I watched TV (all the shows I had taped the previous week). I took it easy mainly because Saturday night was the big night out!
Thrive, my singles' group had an event planned for Saturday evening - get this - an 80s prom! And YES, I have pictures! I need to download them from my camera but I'll be sure to post some of them once I do that.
Some of the girls dressed up in old prom dresses they bought at the thrift stores, some of the guys found some 80s style clothing at the thrift stores and dressed up as Don Johnson from Miami Vice or just in 80s fashion. I refused to spend even only a couple bucks on an old prom dress (we have a Halloween party coming up and I wanted to put my money towards a costume for that) so I raided the closet for whatever I could find even remotely looking like 80s garb. My wardrobe for the evening consisted of pegged jeans, folded down socks, keds sneakers. I wanted a shirt that was bright colored, reminiscent of the fluorescent colors we wore back then. Best I could do was come up with a tank top in a bright aqua blue color. I also found in my closet a lace shirt that I wore over the tank top. Which worked out quite well since lace was a big fashion thing back in the 80s too. I also went through my makeup o find the brightest, cotton-candy-ish colors I could find. Score! I had some blue and purple eye shadows that while not as bright as back then, I applied significantly extra to make it look brighter. then to finish the ensemble, I pulled my hair up into a side pony tail. (Who would have ever thought it was so darn HARD to do a side ponytail?!? Took me almost an hour to get that to work right.)
Anyhow, attired as much as I could in 80s-like style, I headed off to the church, praying all the while none of my neighbors would be out in the parking lot to see me and wonder why the heck I looked like that! LOL We didn't have near as many people show up as we'd have liked, but there was a good number of folks there. The Commons room we were using was all decked out in balloons and streamers, and here was even a back drop off to one side, with balloons, for the obligatory "prom pictures." Of course it was all 80s music all night long and for a while it even reminded us of those junior high dances. All the girls were sitting together lined up in some chairs, looking as if we were just waiting for that cute boy we liked to ask us to dance. LOL
Also in keeping with the prom theme, we had a prom king and queen. Guess who was prom queen? Yep. me!!! LOL I pretended to get all emotional like some of the girls did when I was in school over King and Queen selection. This is the only time in my life I'd ever actually be chosen for prom queen or the like. LOL So anyhow, our king and queen were selected and we had to do the obligatory "King/Queen Spotlight" dance. After that, the prom itself was pretty much over, but the evening was only beginning...
Not only did we have the prom, but we had an after prom party too! Yes we really did! One of the guys from our singles' group threw a party at his house afterwards. Most of the prom goers went to his place afterwards, and several others showed up throughout the night as well. He had quite the crowd there. Several of us rode over together to make it easier since most of us didn't know where he lived. After we got in or driver's car she told us "by the way, no party-poopers here. We're pulling an all-nighter." So I just told her to wake me up when it was time to leave since I didn't know if I could do that anymore. I said I'd probably be curled up on a couch somewhere. well as it turned out, SHE fell asleep and the rest of us made it all night long. well all but one anyhow.. she hitched a ride home with someone else earlier in the night.
There were only about 7 of us who lasted all night, including the person whose house we were at. But he had promised to make pancakes for whoever lasted through the night so we had to stay for that! And they were really good too! He had chocolate chips and a couple kinds of nuts in them, and he made bacon to go with them. We all called it a night (or morning which is the more appropriate term) about 5:00 AM. I got home about 5:30 and went to bed at 6:00. And I didn't get up until 12:30. I can't remember the last time I stayed out that late or slept in that late the next morning.
Sunday I did not much of anything, a little more laundry and lots of TV. (Finished my Supernatural Season 1 DVDs). SOOO glad I was off work yesterday for the holiday. I was able to sleep in a little bit, got up about 10:00. I was a little more productive yesterday though. Scrubbed both bathrooms top to bottom, even took the tilex and sponge to the bad case of mildew in my bathroom. Still not clear of all of the unsightly stuff, but it's almost perfect. Cleanest I've been able to get the tiles in quite a while. And yes, more laundry. I'm in fall cleaning mode now so spent the day packing up summer clothes, taking down curtains to wash, floor mats in the bathroom, etc etc. And I have a three day next weekend too so I hope to finish my fall cleaning then.
And THAT ladies and gentlemen, was my rather eventful weekend.


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Shelleen said...

Oh my god! How much fun that must have been. I graduated in 1983 and still love the 80s music. I can't wait to see pics :-)


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