Monday, March 05, 2007

camping trip (Feb 22-25) - Friday

We were all up by about 8:30 Friday morning when the dogs started getting antsy. We all took showers figuring that would be our last one for the weekend. We sat down to make our grocery list and the "to do" list before everyone else got there that night.
First stop was M's dad's house (we were camping on his ranch and drove over to his house from the cabin) so she could see if he had anything we could use so we didn't have to buy as much. She also had to fill up the gas tank. Her dad keeps an above ground storage tank full of gasoline which is for filling just the farm vehicles and M always fills up there too when she can. They all got many laughs at my expense as I started asking all kinds of questions about storage tank permits etc etc since that's a part of what I do for work. I can't help it! I can't turn it off even on vacation! Then when I saw the tank, which is everything we don't like to see at the reserve centers, I guess I had quite an "oh my goodness" expression on my face. So the were all amused by the whole thing and kept harassing me about it all weekend long. So anyhow, we filled up the car and headed out for shopping.
We got to town in time for an early lunch and we wee all hungry again so we stopped. The original plan had been to go to Starbucks for coffee (the town is a good half hour or more from the cabin) but when we all realized we were hungry I was the only one who still needed my caffeine fix. I knew I'd never make it through the day without it. But I got my coffee then we headed down the road for lunch.
After lunch, we went to the grocery store and split the list in half. J and H went one way, M and I the other so we could get the shopping done faster. we also had to pick up K's ice cream birthday cake while we were there. We finished grocery shopping and next stop was the liquor store. Now you had to know with a group the size of ours camping, alcohol was bound to come in to the equation. LOL
We got home about mid to late afternoon and stopped back at M's dad to get some hamburger meat and sausage (all from his cattle). We got back to the cabin, put away all the food and had a little while to relax before we had to get anything else done. So we popped a DVD in (yes, we had one) and watched Bill Cosby for a little while. But we had to get back to M's Dad's before dark to pick up another mattress that we needed for the rest of the gang arriving that night. So we did that, set it up in the other room and decided we were ready for a campfire. Of course we had bought hot dogs and buns and the fixin's for smores at the store. :-) It's not camping without those!
So we got the fire going, with a bit of difficulty since even though it was pretty warm all day, it was REALLY windy and the fire kept going out before we got it really going well. We didn't have the right stuff for cooking over the fire so we improvised. We pulled some wire hangers out, untwisted them and voila, roasting sticks! We cooked the hot dogs which were yummy (they always taste better over a fire) then we ate quite a few smores until we were full. So we just sat there for a while but we were all tired and it was getting cooler. So we lazed around inside waiting for everyone else to arrive. The first bunch got there about midnight or so. That last two got there about 1 AM. So of course we all sat up for a while, drinking alcohol and talking.
There's a funny story to go along with this too. As I mentioned, K's cake was an ice cream cake. Well we got back to the cabin that afternoon and realized it was too tall to fit on the shelf in the freezer! We even tried moving stuff around but it just wasn't fitting. So we stuck it in the fridge and figured we'd take it over to M's dad's when we went to get the bed that evening. Well we forgot to take it over there so it was just in the fridge most of the day. We realized about midnight when everyone arrived and was getting drinks out of the fridge that the cake was still there and the side had collapsed! So M rushed it over to her dad's only to find out he was already asleep so had to bring it back. By now the cake was looking VERY sad. K and her boyfriend were the last two people to arrive and by the time she got there, we were singing happy birthday over a cake dish turned upside down to hold all the melted ice cream full of mush! So she has quite a funny birthday memory there to talk about for a long time to come! But we all ate some anyhow. It was pretty bad by then, there not really being anything left but whipped cream frosting and soggy chocolate cake but between everyone there wasn't much left.
By about 3:30 everyone was exhausted, especially those who had just arrived that night so we all went to bed.

We won't tell. Get more on shows you hate to love
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